Saudi General, Border Guards Killed by Daesh/ISIL for not being Fanatical Enough

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“At 4,30 am 4 men coming from Iraqi territory attacked a border post on the northern frontier of Saudi Arabia. Two of the attackers were killed during the attack, one by gun shot and the second activated his explosive belt killing general Awda al-Balwi, commander of the northern frontier zone, with one of his guards & wounding colonel Salem al-Aanzi, head of the operations in the same zone. Beyond the symbolic impact of this attack, it shows that the attackers had accurate info about the presence of the two high ranking officers in this exact place.”

France24: “Deadly jihadi attack on northern border of Saudi Arabia”

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  1. What, do Saudi generals actually go down with the troops, who then apparently let ISIS know where they are? Better they should mostly stay behind their desks or in their ergonomic Battlespace chairs, keeping their careers and posteriors safe from the harms that millions of “wogs” and “50,000 Homeless Veterans” and guys whose names end up on Walls and various other Memorials are exposed to… There’s a whole lot more wrong with the “Welfare of the Generals” as the touchstone of Military Success Anymore than is covered in this linked article — “General Failure,” link to And yes, intramural scrimmages can take their toll of even our elevated military rulers, link to

    And for those who see ISISISILQDaesh headed down to defeat, what lesson from this little tactical situation? There’s lots more where the four who did this little attack came from, and are coming from every day, incited and excited and emboldened and enraged and encouraged by the “national interest (sic) policies” that divide and destroy, for fun and profit…

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