MSM ignores Bombing of Colorado Springs NAACP by White Terrorist

Cenk Uygur | (The Young Turks) —

“”An improvised explosive device was detonated against the exterior wall of a building housing the Colorado Springs chapter of the NAACP on Tuesday, officials said.

The explosion knocked items off the office walls but no one was injured.

Agents from the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives went to the scene after the blast to gather evidence and place markers.

The FBI said that a gasoline can was placed next to the device but the contents did not ignite.”* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.”

The Young Turks: “NAACP Targeted With Explosive Device In Heart Of America”

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  1. “Denver” and “Colorado Springs” are 60 or 70 miles apart. This incident occurred in Zip Code 80903.

  2. Viola Liuzzo was a white woman who took part in the Selma-to-Montgomery march in 1965. After the march, she was murdered by Klansmen. Riding with the. white terrorists was an FBI informant. The FBI responded to this terrorism by trying to cover up the role of their informant and conducting a campaign to trash and smear the reputation of the martyred victim.

  3. Jewish liberal attorney and Denver, Colorado, talk radio show host Alan Berg was murdered by Neo-Nazi White Christian Identity terrorists in 1984.
    Because Colorado, yo.

  4. Paul Wilson

    I love Cenk Uygur but I have to slightly disagree with his analysis on this particular issue. The NAACP offices in Colorado Springs were bombed, and that’s terrible and inexcusable. I find it very hard to believe that this wasn’t an act of terrorism. However, I don’t think the reason this hasn’t been covered is because it doesn’t fit the MSM’s narratives. 12 people were massacred in France, NO ONE died in Colorado. It would seem to me that the attack that was more damaging and killed more people would be deserving of more attention. Further, the MSM has been absolutely silent about Boko Haram’s latest campaign, and the fact that the past week they have committed their most heinous barbarities yet.

    • Our media hyped the hell out of the “Moslem” Paris riots a few years ago, but no one got killed. In the great Los Angeles riot of 1992, 70 people died. But our media isn’t going to go around pointing out that Americans are on average a lot more violent and dangerous than Europeans – it has to divide us into “patriots” and “criminals” first.

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