Bad News for US Biotech: GOP’s Scott Walker so anti-science he can’t affirm Evolution

Cenk Uygur | (The Young Turks) –

“Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks gives his final judgment on Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s recent comments on evolution. Cenk finds it hard to believe that a leading candidate for the 2016 Presidential nomination can’t go on the record on evolution.”

The Young Turks: “Final Judgement: Scott Walker Punts On Evolution”

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  1. Why do Republican candidates go to England? The English have a sense of superiority to Americans derived from encounters with people like Walker, and their irreverent press is gunning for them.

  2. Ronald Reagan did not believe in evolution. He said it was a ‘theory only’ and was increasingly regarded with skepticism by the scientific community.

    • Well, I guess that “b” actor and “b” president
      found out about that “Heaven & Hell” feces.

    • “Bedtime for Bonzo” made Reagan doubt the theory of evolution for the rest of his life.

      “There he goes again. That chimp is so smart.”

  3. “Scott Walker is currently leading in Iowa in the polls.”

    If Walker started talking up Darwin and evolution instead of creationism, evangelicals in Iowa would dump him in heartbeat. Walker should have said evolution happened in England and “old Europe,” but there is no proof of it ever happening in IOWA.

  4. Scott Krein

    Unqualified to teach grade school biology but ready for the GOP Presidential nomination #AmericanExceptionalism

  5. Evolution is a very confusing term for many people that spend time arguing “We are not Monkeys”. Then go watch Planet of the Apes. Origin of Species and, Natural Selection. may be argued better. Now, this person is an elected Governor (even is Wisconsin is small); he is entitled to respect and even fear; it is not funny that we have such around and it doe not matter who or what they are pandering to. Point is IT WORKS.. Be worried about Aliens same as everybody else is.

  6. Governor Walker actually makes currently under indictment ex-Governor Perry seem intelligent.

    The perfect f aux-Republican candidate(s) for President.

  7. When it leaves Canada, if the route of the Keystone pipeline is moved just a few hundred miles east so it runs through Wisconsin, a Walker-Perry 2016 ticket would be perfect.

    “THE KEYSTONE KIDS” guarding both borders against illegal immigration.

  8. JFK said that when peaceful revolution becomes impossible, violent revolution becomes inevitable.

    The corollary to that is, when rational revolution becomes impossible, irrational revolution becomes inevitable. Capitalist wealth has made corruption and co-optation the rational act everywhere in the world. The rich even buy up extremist religions to act as the moral alternative. The religions then proselytize the abolition of rationalist secular society as the miracle cure for what are really the problems of capitalism. In America the religious extremists are just as devoted to lies and self-serving myths as any ISIS member, but why should they bother with violence when their sponsors make sure that they’re the only ones who show up to vote?

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