2nd Iranian Commander killed in Iraq defending Samarra Golden Dome

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A commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) has been killed in Iraq, Iranian media reported.

The Tasnim news agency, said to be affiliated with IRGC, says Reza Hosseini Moghadam was in Samarra to confront militants of the Islamic State (IS) when he was killed on February 7.

“He [Moghadam] was martyred in the vicinity of the Al-Askari [Shi’ite] shrine in Samarra,” Tasnim reported.


Hard-line news sites reported that Moghadam, who they said was a veteran of the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war, was killed by IS snipers and buried in Najaf.

Tasnim said Moghadam had requested in his last will to be buried in Wadi al-Salaam cemetery in Najaf.

Moghadam is the second senior IRGC member reported killed in Iraq in less than two months.

In December, the IRGC said one of its commanders, Brigadier General Hossein Taghavi, was killed while on a mission to advise the Iraqi Army and volunteers in Samarra. Taghavi was reportedly killed by a sniper.

Thousands of IRGC members attended his funeral in Tehran.

Ali Shamkhani secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council said at his funeral: “Taghavi and people like Taghavi gave their blood in Samarra so that we do not give our blood in Tehran.”

Tehran has acknowledged sending advisers to Iraq to help combat the IS militant group and to Syria to help fight the IS and other antigovernment forces battling the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

Iran is not a member of the U.S.-led coalition forces attacking IS targets in Iraq and Syria.

Both Iran and the U.S. have denied cooperating or any coordination of their activities in the fight against IS.

But officials have said that the issue has been discussed on the sidelines of the nuclear talks aimed at finding a lasting solution that would prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.


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  1. Shias should get over this and understand what will happen: If they come to slaughter Sunnis, they should not expect flowers in return, either from any Sunni – their rantings about ISIS being a terrorist organization are true, but then again, do Shias consider Sunnis as anything other than terrorists?

    To top it off, the comment about killing Sunnis in Iraq so that Sunnis do not go to Tehran is so George W-Esque that it is sad.

    • They can’t get over that the shrines or holy places as being targets by Sunni fundamentalists, which have been targeted, besides being targeted themselves in other bombings. The comment is unfortunately justifying further sectarian violence and generalizing. Surprised it got through.

      While its wrong generalizing about all Sunnis being terrorists wanting to kill Shias, unfortunately this comment does the same and considers all Shias killing Sunnis. So lets put a mirror and ask the same questions. Do Sunnis consider Shias as anything than legit targets always (which Shias should get over and understand apparently)? Should Sunnis expect flowers too when there are attacks by Sunni extremists (or lets also generalize them as Sunnis who threw their lot with ISIL, which some did) against Shia neighbourhoods in this violent cycle?

      Is it just Shias (which is really some Shia militias or extremists) that are involved in slaughters or have we forgotten earlier Sunni insurgents (or should we say all Sunnis), particularly the extremist kind locally and globally, targeting Shias (or lets not forget other non-Sunni denominations, like from Mosul, who should probably also ‘get over it’ and ‘understand’) that put the whole initial sectarian civil war in full swing there that lead to a sectarian cleansing, which too is not justified, but in your own reasoning, Maybe Sunnis should get over this and understand….but that would be wrong, wouldn’t it?

      That comment did not mention killing Sunnis, an unfortunate hyped up sectarian narrative that sees what it wants to, and the article noted that they’ve been blaming IS. Maybe not Tehran, but a takeover of Baghdad to have sole rule again and maybe belligerent against its neighbour…that is in swing.

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