2 1/2 yrs after US Consulate Attack, Libyan Nat’l Army advances in Benghazi against Radicals

CCTV Africa | –

“Footage from Benghazi showed troops, equipped with tanks, gun-mounted trucks and automatic weapons, advancing through farmland.”

CCTV Africa: “Libya’s Army Makes Gains In Fighting Against Militias”

The Algerian Times also reported last week:

The Libyan army retook Benghazi’s largest military base … in the East, from fundamentalist fighters who held the city since the summer, Wanis Boukhamada, commander of special forces, announced Monday . . .

Supported by the troops of General Khalifa Haftar, who declared war on fundamentalist fighters, special forces have been trying since mid-October to take Benghazi , the country’s second large city. They had already seized the center, the airport and several military bases.

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