Israel destroys water lines feeding Palestinian areas in Jordan Valley

TUBAS (Ma’an) – Israeli forces on Thursday destroyed a water network which feeds Palestinian villages and Bedouin dwellings in the northern Jordan Valley, the head of the village council of al-Maleh and its surrounding Bedouin dwellings said.


Arif Daraghmah told Ma’an that Israeli troops escorted excavators which destroyed a 2,000-meter-long water pipeline near the village of al-Atuf. The pipeline, he said, was funded by the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees.

In addition, Israeli forces confiscated 250 meters of water pipes near the village of Yarza east of Tubas.

Via Ma’an News Agency

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  1. Is there no end to Israeli crimes? How long will the international community allow the US to run interference for Israel?! There’s not much question that Israel just wants to make life so miserable for the Palestinians that they leave. I firmly believe that this issue is a major contribution to the escalation of tensions in the world. Solve it and a lot of support for ISIS and Al-Qaeda will dry up.

  2. Irwin: Support for ISIS and Al Qaeda are completely different subjects that you can’t tie directly to Israel. The “issue is a major contribution to the escalation of tensions” between Israel and Palestine and that -by itself- is enough justification to solve it.

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