Gallipoli: Prince Charles, Prince Harry in Turkey Honor 130,000 War Dead on Both Sides

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“World leaders have gathered at the World War I battle sites of the Gallipoli campaign to mark 100 years since the British-led invasion.

Representatives of countries that faced off in one of the most iconic events of the war honoured the dead in a joint ceremony on Friday, on the eve of the centenary since troops landed on the beaches.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Britain’s Prince Charles laid wreaths at a memorial for fallen Turkish soldiers at Gallipoli…

Euronews: “Remembering Gallipoli: Britain’s Prince Charles lays wreaths at memorial”


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  1. Every person is significant, every person deserves to be remembered in the story of all human lives, the story of history ..

    I may have made many mistakes on specific historical questions, lord knows, and in general I think I’ve forgotten more history than you may ever know unless you study a lot, however I will claim precedence, since 1980, in arguing for a theory of history which regards EVERY PERSON as being important.

    We can’t get there for the past, but that’s what narrative historical art is for. However for the present and the future we can begin to fulfill that ideal, of having every person’s thoughts and actions recorded for history.

    The NSA is on it, but getting access to those files and whatever shape they’re in is pretty uncertain.

    We can, if we put our minds to it and work hard, begin to do the good parts of that work ourselves … on the way to creating a global movement to improve politics and economics around the world, by building a culture of love, peace and understanding, or whatever else it’s gonna take to get us thru the dangerous future that apparently lies ahead …

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