Does Sen. Lindsey Graham want to Drone Americans for Thought Crimes?

John Iadarola & Jimmy Dore | (The Young Turks) | –

“”Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., is ready to join the crowded 2016 presidential race — and he’s having a blast in doing it.

The defense hawk and pragmatic Republican said Monday morning on CBS’s This Morning that he would make an announcement on June 1 about his plans, but he went on to dispense with all pretense of what that decision would be.

“I’m running because I think the world is falling apart,” Graham said.

His 10-minute address at the Iowa Republican Party’s annual Lincoln Day Dinner on Saturday was heavy on foreign policy, promising to be a tough hand on national security if elected.”

The Young Turks: “Lindsey Graham To Run As ISIS’s Worst Nightmare & He’s Not Wrong”

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