Israel: Top Outrageous Things Officials of the New Far Right Gov’t have Said

Ami Kaufman | +972 Magazine | (Video) —

“The ministers comprising Israel’s 34th government are the most right wing ever, almost all oppose the two-state solution and have a rich history of legislative attacks on human rights organizations and democratic institutions. Ami Kaufman has a wake-up call for you.”

+972 Magazine: ” Wake-up Call: Meet Israel’s new right-wing government”

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  1. I have generally supported Israel over the years. I have done so as I believe they deserved their freedom from oppression, their country, their culture and history which has shown they have fought hard for what they have.
    But it is past time for them to have a more “common sense” government that will allow the Palestinians to also have a nation of their own. They need to realize that these people exist and attempt to bring them into a world of (hopefully) peace between them.
    Israel keeps fighting and nothing is really resolved as both sides keep losing.
    I say allow Palestine to be recognized, have a signed agreement, treaty (whatever you want to name it) that allows them to make their own decisions and if their decisions in any way threaten Israel then Israel will be able to say we tried, we did what was right and you blew it and then do what is necessary to eliminate the threat for good.
    This is the part I hope to not ever see but I am a realist who understands that Israel also deserves to not be continuously threatened.
    Hard liners on either side accomplish nothing but more deaths, it’s time to try for a good peace.
    Consider this, Israel fought and won their country in spite of the two countries that basically, historically started this problem in the first place, France and England. Both of these countries should not ever be involved in any political decisions that affect these two groups, they do not deserve to have any say in what happens between Israel and Palestine.
    Finally, I will not support a leadership on either side that continues another useless war.
    Note: I am not Jewish nor Palestinian or Muslim, I’m an American who is fed up with all the senseless killing going on throughout the world.

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