Adelson Tabloid slams Obama for Listening to ‘Court Jews’ in Questioning Israel’s Credibility

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) | –

President Barack Obama gave an interview on Israeli television on Tuesday in which he said that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s position on rejecting a Palestinian state as long as he is in power is damaging Israel’s credibility.

Netanyahu tried to retract his campaign pledge after he won the election on the basis of it, but that just made him look sleazy, and anyway he didn’t really take it back. Nobody thinks Israel will agree to a Palestinian state as long as Netanyahu has anything to say about it.

Obama was just pointing out that the international community had earlier been willing to give Israel the benefit of the doubt on its sincerity in pursuing peace with the Palestinians. You can’t have peace with people you are permanently subjecting to a form of Apartheid and Occupation, leaving them without citizenship, basic human rights or proper passports. Once Netanyahu admitted that there wouldn’t be a Palestinian state, it was like dropping a fig leaf. He stood naked before the world.

The problem is that if occupation and Palestinian statelessness are going to be permanent or last for decades, then what Israel is doing is worse than South Africa Apartheid.

It also came out on Tuesday that the Israeli army transferred land owned by Palestinians to Israeli squatters.

BBC Monitoring translated a vitriolic reaction from casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson’s newspaper in Israel, Yisrael Ha-Yom, by journalist Haim Shain. Shain slams Obama for reaching out to Muslims “at the expense of the State of Israel.” He condemns Obama’s negotiations with Iran as being “again on the back of the State of Israel and its survival.” Then he says that Obama is not antisemitic or against Israel. Rather, he is under the influence of “court Jews” who dislike the Israeli right wing parties and who support Israel’s left wing, which is in thrall to Haim Saban (who made billions with children’s cartoons) and former president Shimon Peres.

Adelson is willing to put a hundred million dollars or more of his own money into supporting his favorite candidate, who appears at the moment to be Marco Rubio, the Florida politician.

The theory that Obama is under the influence of liberal American Jews who dislike the Israeli right wing parties comes dangerously close to echoing antisemitic tropes. Obama is depicted as not having his own views on the matter, but rather being influenced by “court Jews” who are working at cross-purposes to the ruling Israeli Likud Party. That sounds like a cabal.

Obama maintains that his negotiations with Iran aim at forestalling an Iranian nuclear weapon and so actually increase Israeli security.

Wochit News reported on the original Obama video interview:

“US President Barack Obama said in an interview broadcast Tuesday that Israel risks losing “credibility” over Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s stance on the creation of a Palestinian state.

Obama made the comments to an Israeli television station in response to a question about Netanyahu’s comments regarding the establishment of a Palestinian state before and after March elections.

Netanyahu sparked international concern when he ruled out the establishment of a Palestinian state while campaigning for the 17 March general election but later backtracked on the comments.

On Sunday, Netanyahu said he was committed to the establishment of a Palestinian state, calling on the Palestinian leadership to return to negotiations unconditionally.
Obama however said Netanyahu’s statements on the subject after the election have had “so many caveats, so many conditions, that it is not realistic to think that those conditions would be met any time in the near future”.

Wochit News: “Barack Obama Says Israel Risks Losing Credibility Over Palestinian State Stance”

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  1. Rather, he is under the influence of “court Jews” who dislike the Israeli right wing parties and who support Israel’s left wing, which is in thrall to Haim Saban (who made billions with children’s cartoons) and former president Shimon Peres.

    Seriously, if this keeps up, Adelson is going to make me like the Power Rangers

  2. “Court Jews” Now there’s a new one by me. Have to give them credit for imagination. Much better to invent a Straw Man rather than deal in honesty.

  3. Obama hangs on to the old colonial notion for two states; Israel here, with these boundaries, and Palestine there; all as divided up in an atmosphere of bonhomie and cigar smoke like the rest of the ME and North Africa. That was acceptable neither to the Palestinians nor the custodians of the Jewish mythopoeic dream who had eyed the whole area as theirs and promptly set about making it so. Comparisons with apartheid are unhelpful, Israeli actions in Palestine are closer to the Chinese takeover of Tibet. I would be happy to be proved wrong but my perception is that all who take being Jewish with any degree of seriousness actually want a Jewish homeland in Palestine, and their liberals and extremists differ only in how they see the indigenous Arab population fitting into that vision. Extremists appear to want the locals to disappear, by force if necessary, while liberals envisage some vaguely defined Utopia where Arabs forget all about the last sixty years and everyone settles down to live happily ever after. The extremists are winning. They don’t give two figs what anyone else thinks, indeed they are happy to be considered in the same category as any other nation defying Western moral and humanitarian norms: Why blame us when there are so many others just as bad. What they fear above all is ostracisation and they are employing every means in reach to keep it at bay. This is understandable because no one actually likes them or feels any compelling reason to have anything to do with them, aside from those seeking access to Adelson’s and others’ funds. As Netanyahu drops his fig leaf it’s more than time for Western leaders to discard their rose-tinted spectacles; Israel is growing as dangerous as the Alien stowaway.

    • This is an excellent opinion. Unluckily, the idea that Israel is growing dangerous is on par with the idea that global warming is a growing threat. They both depend on deeply divided politics—the rift between which can never be filled.

  4. Jeffrey Goldberg has a piece out that basically says that President Obama is part of the “tribe”. Again as if Obama does not have the ability to think on his know on his study the facts on his own.

      • Having no wish to speak to Mr. Adelson, I went to Israel Hayom’s web site and read the editorial “Obama’s Jewish advisers are the problem” by Dr. Haim Shine. The “court Jews” he refers to were Jewish artists, intellectuals and financiers who served the autocrats of ancien régime Europe — for example, Queen Elizabeth I’s physician Rodrigo López, whose involvement in in court politics led to his death and inspired Shakespeare’s character Shylock.

        According to Dr. Shine, the biggest problem for these “court Jews” was proving they were loyal to their autocratic paymasters and not to their fellow Jews. That is Dr. Shine’s sneaky way of dating modern Jewish nationalism back to the 16th century (although he might object and date it back to Abraham). Then he identifies these historical and fictional Jews with the movers and shakers in the American Jewish community who are not ardent Likudniks. When Iranian nukes rain down on Tel Aviv and anti-Semitic mobs rage through the streets of Bayonne, then they will wring their hands and cry like Shylock in the play, “O, my ducats! O, my daughter! Fled with a Christian! O, my Christian ducats!”

        Ludicrous as this historiography is, for personal reasons I found the following even more amusing:

        “Obama is no anti-Semite or anti-Israeli; the main problem is with his court Jews, who tell him the Israeli Right is dangerous because it will not buckle under pressure, and it would be better to have a Left-run government that would operate according to the instructions of heroes such as media mogul Haim Saban and former President Shimon Peres.”

        In 1979 or 1980, Shimon Peres spoke at a public meeting in Skokie, Illinois, and took questions from the audience. I may be a year or two off, but I doubt it: he would have been too busy in 1981, and I cannot imagine him visiting us in 1978. One of the questions from the audience was about the plight of Palestinians in the occupied territories, the theft of land, etc. Mr. Peres drily replied “We are accustomed to hearing these questions from Communists” and proceeded to the next question.

    • “In the early modern period, a court Jew or court factor (German: Hofjude, Hoffaktor) was a Jewish banker who handled the finances of, or lent money to, European royalty and nobility. …” link to

      • Doesn’t Sheldon Adelson meet this definition? He just prefers a different king’s court, no?

  5. Nobody thinks Israel will agree to a Palestinian state as long as Netanyahu has anything to say about it.

    Ditto for Netanyahu’s allies and rivals.

    Once Netanyahu admitted that there wouldn’t be a Palestinian state, it was like dropping a fig leaf. He stood naked before the world.

    As for its claim to moral leadership, US support for Israel’s violations of international law and crimes against humanity means the US is exposed as a naked moralist.

  6. Actually…there is no chance for two states…none….there’s way to much hate…it’s a hundred year struggle…can Israel stay ahead enough with modern weaponry and science to overcome the worlds changing demography especially in Israel’s area the big question

    • Simple answer is NO.

      (1) there are no scientific “secrets” and Israel has no better brains than any other part of the globe. In fact, Israel has even fewer resources to invest in science than most of Asia and Europe (the USA has the resources, but chooses to not use them for basic research due to politics). Israel has no special IP.

      (2) all scientists are proud of their work and to be advanced in their professions, they must be valued by their peers. Work done in deep secret does not earn scientists value. Then there is that annoying thing called the web which now makes ALL (and I do mean ALL) human knowledge freely available nearly instantaneously to almost every human. There are NO SECRETS.

      (3) all weapons are based on science and technology and because there are no science secrets, and because all weapons system have pretty much reached optimal design, Israel has no military edge at all.

      (4) when it comes to personal weapons, the AK-47 and its clones are pretty much the optimal design (for a deeper understanding, see CJ Chiver’s book “the Gun), and there are well over 100 MILLION on earth with thousands more being made each and every day. That is, there are enough AK-47 on earth so that one person out of ever 50 humans could have their very own.

      (5) As for “throwing rocks” (anti-area weapons – AKA bombs and missiles), because of computers and well understood chemistry and physics, virtually every nation on earth is equal. The only major difference is the USA and Israel continue to build massively expensive and complex (AKA prone to failure) “rock throwers” while many other countries have realized that reasonably accurate, reasonably reliable very inexpensive systems completely trump the USA and Israeli systems. Why throw one cheap missile at a USA F-35 when you can throw four at it for not much greater cost and ensure that the F-35 will fall from the sky (no manned aircraft can survive multiple smart missiles targeted on it – the G-forces required to even try would kill the pilot).

      (6) there are no “magic weapons,” even though some Israelis like to pretend there are. High power lasers have MAJOR physical and practical restrictions that limit their use in warfare. The same goes for “rail guns,” EMP bombs, Neutron bombs, “suitcase nukes,”etc. In fact many of these can not actually exist because of physics and chemistry.

      So, Israel has reached its military limits and over the long term, it will not be able to survive by force. The IDF can and WILL be humiliated and totally defeated one of these days.

      Note that over the last 50,000 years exactly ZERO military organizations have avoided total humiliating defeat and the IDF will not be the first in 50,000 years to escape that fate.

      The bottom line is unless Israel NEGOTIATES a fair agreement with its neighbors, it is screwed.

      • You think ?….but ,since the Arabs will never makes peace with a Jewish Israel…then Israel is screwed either way…wouldn’t you say?…sure would make your day …or am I wrong?

        • Given the Israel-Saudi Arabia collusion you probably are wrong.

          “The Saudi-Israeli superpower: Exclusive: Egypt’s counterrevolution and Syria’s civil war could herald the arrival of a new superpower coalition, an unlikely alliance between Israel and Saudi Arabia, one with great political clout and the other with vast financial wealth, together flexing their muscles across the Middle East,” writes Robert Parry. – link to

          And let’s not forget the Arabs in Egypt collaborating with Israel in their abuse of the people of Gaza.

        • Yes – over time Israel is screwed unless it drastically changes its ACTIONS.

          BUT you are WRONG when you say that the Arabs will never agree to a peace agreement and allow a Jewish nation in the middle east. In fact there has been a comprehensive proposal on the table for over ten years that guarantees a Jewish nation in the middle east. The Israelis don’t like it because it will give them much less land and water than they want and a lot less power than their egos think they deserve.

          As for my opinion, I think Israelis are being foolish to think they can ignore 50,000 years of human behavior. They can not achieve what they want and are putting themselves in a no-win situation. I hate to see humans suffer when there is no need to, if they would just not let their egos lead them down a known foolish path.

        • @Bill Bodden – Israel-Saudi cooperation is a temporary thing because the underlying social structures basically dislike and do not trust each other (the Zionist and Wahhabi sects).

          Even if they somehow succeed in subjugating the Shia, there is not enough room in the middle est for both sets of egos. Once there is no shia opposition, they will turn on each other. Also keep in mind that vast parts of the middle east middle class and lower class do NOT like the Saudi rulers.

        • Your last points are well taken…however being the demographics what they are..I doubt that the Arabs will make any kind of a viable deal..seeing that they turned two such deals down..barak and Olmert …BUT…circumstances may come up that would make your can only hope so…

  7. Sheldon Adelson might want to tone it down because if he annoys China too much, they will simply strip him of all his wealth in Asia. The Chinese government is not happy with him and the more he causes problems, the more likely they are to make his life very miserable, especially if he is dumb enough to actually visit Asia. I find it amusing how many people discount China these days – all who dismiss China will come to regret that action.

    • I think that if the Chinese government cared about “their Jew” insulting other Jews, Adelson would not do it. Moreover, the chance of having a deeply dependent billionaire who has American president in his pocket is worth some patience to the Chinese leaders.

    • Spy guy ….you can’t be serious…china mixing politics and money…….you can’t really believe that china gives a hoot for the Palestinians …money is supreme

  8. “Court Jew” is truly an anti-semitic remark … see Hofjuden.

    • Maybe his intention was to rhetorically build on that old chestnut about “self-hating jews” who don’t get with The Program.

  9. If Adelson doesn’t like Court Jews, I will happily become one. I’ll deal with the details later. Does it come with a job in the Obama Administration? I’ll work in HHS.

    • Benjamin was no court Jew. Before serving as CSA Secretary of War and Secretary of State, he was a U.S. Senator from Louisiana, at a time when senators were elected by state legislators.

      What Benjamin was, was Jefferson Davis’ very close friend.

      About court Jews or in German, hausJuden, they were typically mediators between their communities and Gentile overlords. It was a distinguished position and one made absolutely necessary by the times. Only later, when assimilationism came into bad odor was the hausJude seen as a collaborator.

      • I meant Benjamin was a “Court Jew” because he was the buffer between Jefferson Davis and his many enemies in the Confederate government and even in the military. Judah P. Benjamin escaping capture in Florida and making it all the way to England is a fascinating story.

  10. “The theory that Obama is under the influence of liberal American Jews who dislike the Israeli right wing parties comes dangerously close to echoing antisemitic tropes. Obama is depicted as not having his own views on the matter, but rather being influenced by “court Jews” who are working at cross-purposes to the ruling Israeli Likud Party. That sounds like a cabal.”

    However it sounds, it is rather accurate. It is worth noticing that in the usage of professional anti-anti-semites acknowledging Jewish influence is not anti-Semitic, only REGRETTING Jewish influence is anti-Semitic. Moreover, wasn’t Rahm Emanuel Obama’s top man, wasn’t Martin Indyk a top Middle East advisor etc. etc.? Is Haim Saban bereft of influence in Democratic party?

    In a way, we have two teams of Court Jews: defenders (the current crew) and contenders (Adelson’s team). Of course, during Bush years the roles were reversed.

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