The Real Reason Critics Hate The Iran Nuclear Deal

Cenk Uygur | (The Young Turks Video) | – –

“There’s something wrong with people’s reaction to the Iran nuclear deal. If what they’re saying is true then the deal makes no sense at all. They’re saying Iran will be more likely to get a nuclear weapon, but that simply isn’t true. Cenk Uygur delivers his Final Judgment on the Iran nuclear deal.”

The Young Turks: ” The Real Reason Critics Hate The Iran Nuclear Deal”

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  1. As several nuclear experts have pointed out, no one on earth is capable of “cleaning up” any secret nuclear activity within six months, let alone 24 days, especially when modern instruments are extremely sensitive.

    Heck, the USA has tried to clean up several nuclear sites for environmental reasons and FAILED. Johnston Atoll is a fine example of that failure.

    Cenk Uygur is correct that this is all about money and power. Once Iran can accumulate more wealth, it will be better able to help the people that are oppressed by the colonial puppets (Israel and Saudi Arabia). Note that Saudi Arabia could easily have fewer problems if it treated its Shia minorities much better and shared the wealth, but that would get the government in trouble with the religious extremest the government made a terrible deal with many years ago.

  2. Bibi and the Republicans want war, period. That’s why they hate the deal. They hate Obama too. Cenk is making it too complicated.

  3. George Carpenter

    @TheYoungTurks Seems like the truth plus that GOP do not want Obama to be successful at any negotiation. He is Black & a Democrat

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