15 Feet within 50 Yrs? Study finds alarming acceleration in sea level rise

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“Higher sea levels could lead to stronger hurricanes, tornadoes and thunderstorms, causing major problems for coastal cities. CBS News correspondent Jim Axelrod reports on new research that suggests sea levels are rising faster than previously thought.”

CBS Evening News: “Study finds alarming acceleration in sea level rise”

ThinkProgress has more:

“According to the research, freshwater from land-based ice sheets melting into the oceans is inducing feedback that is accelerating the melting of ice shelves — a loop that indicates sea level rise will continue and could be devastating at much lower temperature changes than previously thought.

The study, authored by well-known climate scientist James Hansen and 16 other researchers, will be published in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics this week. The research explains that there is an “amplifying feedback” as polar ice melts, because as more freshwater enters the ocean, it traps warmer sea water, which melts more ice. The effect is not included in the current Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) modeling but “extensive data indicate [it] is already occurring,” according to the report. ”

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  1. ……”faster than previously thought.” This is always the recurring theme in climate reports. Just how many of these models include consideration of massive methane releases, or any methane releases at all?

    • We’re too scared to go there. If methane releases are coming from the ocean this soon, we are absolutely doomed already.

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