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  1. I love Trump;
    I love that he’s running.

    But if just one serious journalist would take a look at his campaign staff,
    what he is spending money on,
    it quickly will become clear that this is a joke to him.

    If he was serious,
    he would have a serious staff, a serious manager, a serious campaign lawyer, and a serious budget.
    It appears that he hasn’t even made the basic calculations about what it will take to get on the ballot in at least 30 states,
    let alone what it will take to win in each of those states.

    The “Ballot Access” hurdle is something that takes careful planning to overcome,
    and even with gobs of money,
    the state GOP in each state has the discretion to keep him off of their ballot.

    To run a serious 3rd Party campaign,
    he would have had to start the petition process by now.

    This is a joke, Trump is doing this for his own amusement.
    He has spent less than $ 3 Million so far, not counting his personal and travel expenses.
    Even Rand Paul has spent more on a campaign organization.

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