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  1. A pattern has emerged. Corporate-controlled media is featuring demented personalities this fall.

    • Trump
    • Davis
    * Walker
    • Cruz

    To name just a few.

  2. Brian DiNunno

    I’m *sure* he can be given tutorial so what he lacks in international knowledge and experience he makes up for with good instincts.

  3. Bukowski_hugs

    If this were an ongoing skit, I’d be mildly amused. The fact that it (and his apparent popularity) is real horrifies me.

  4. Hewitt has it in for Trump.
    He supports another candidate.

    this was a cheap shot. Hewitt could have been more forthright, but was obviously trying to trip Trump up.

    The real test would be if a disinterested questioner asks benign questions, and Trump is confounded. That didn’t happen here.

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