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  1. Well, I guess that will probably cost Bernie Sanders more support than all the “socialist” ideas he might propose. Since people are so ignorant about what socialism actually is, his opponents have to painstakingly frame each of his policy positions and reindoctrinate us as to why they are evil. But physically touching the Other will cause a visceral disgust that will flush out a lot of fake liberals and populists who secretly hate Moslems far more than they hate criminal banks. Of course, those people would eventually have figured it out and switched to Clinton or (if they were really confused) to Trump down the road, but we need the moment of clarity.

    This probably was the bravest act of this entire 2016 campaign.

  2. Without calling for the end of all these foreign wars, closure of torture sites like Guantanamo, and all CIA/FBI fake surveillance against the Muslim population, and fake trials(look up Fahad Hashmi or Aifa Siddiqui) this gesture really means nothing to me as a Muslim. I felt the same way with Obama in 2008, he would do all these nice things while campaigning but I knew where he stood on policy(ramping up the war in Afghanistan and in Pakistan for example).

    The only vote worth giving is the COMPLETE anti-war candidate. If none of them are that person then I’m not putting blood on my hands by voting for a “lesser of the 2 evils” type of nonsense.

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