Turkey’s New Normal?: Bombing in Ankara kills Dozens

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Ankara. Wikimedia image.

Ankara. Wikimedia image.

A bomb blast, believed to have originated from a car bomb, has killed at least 28 people and injured scores in what appears to be a targeted attack on vehicles carrying Turkish military personnel.

The explosion comes amid an intensification of fighting between Turkey's army and the militant Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) that has seen the government conduct regular and sweeping raids on Kurdish-populated areas in the country's east.

The city's governor confirmed the casualties from the blast that went off a short walk from the Turkish parliament.

The government has not yet apportioned blame for the attack.

This is the second major blast that Ankara, the country's second largest city, has experienced in recent times.

In October 2015 over a hundred died after two bombs went off at a rally held to protest fresh violence between Turkey and the PKK.

The government suggested the ISIS militant group in control of vast swathes of Iraq and Syria was responsible for the purported suicide attack.

Earlier this year, the historic district of Sultanahmet in Istanbul was struck by suicide bombers the government also linked to ISIS. A total of 12 people died in the attack.

With bombings a disturbingly regular occurrence in Turkey since hostilities with PKK recommenced and Ankara waded into the conflict in Syria and Iraq last year, many Turks were bracing for more bad news on the night of February 17.

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  1. Chewie

    do the kurds really do these kind of things or are they just blaming them instead of isis

    • Erdoogan’ s politics and tongue has alienated friend and foe , any or all of whom, have reason and are well positioned to see Erdogan’s Turkey destabilized and at war with Erdogan. Should we wait a few years and a new flood of Turkish refuges before thinking out loud, the solution is political.

  2. & whereas Ankara 1 and Suruc went through a slow process before finally (not to sat reluctantly) being put on ISIL, , this one was put on the usual suspects despite Salih Muslim’s statement denying YPG responsibility.
    Many groups it could be, including, certainly, PKK. But this seems all too conveniently out of the GWB Iraq playbook at a time when Ankara is explicitly invoking its 2003 vote and vowing not to make the same mistake twice — they voted against joining the coalition; that is now seen by AKP as a mistake.

  3. Kelly Stuart

    While the bombing in Ankara has drawn attention, there are massacres on a greater scale going in on the Kurdish southeast of Turkey. People in the Sur region of Diyarbakir have fled their homes, those remaining have been shelled, as tanks have rolled in to level the area. It’s been reported that 200 people have been trapped in basements, unable to obtain food or water. Today one building collapsed and people were reportedly suffocating under the rubble. It’s distressing that there is so little reporting from the international media. And as we talk about press freedom- one of the only journalists inside Sur who was trapped along with 19 civilians has been taken into custody after being freed and is being held by the Turkish authorities.

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