An Offer we can’t Refuse: Trump threatens “Riots” if Brokered Convention Sidelines Him

By Mark Sovel and Nik Zecevic | (TheLipTV Video Report) | – –

“Donald Trump warned of riots if the Republican party denies him the presidential nomination should he fail to win enough delegates, speaking in an interview with CNN on Wednesday. The Republican frontrunner needs to secure 1,237 delegates to win the party’s nomination ahead of the Republican National Convention in July. Will Trump fall short, and will Republicans heed his apparent threat? Watch it on the Lip News with Mark Sovel and Nik Zecevic.”

The Lip TV: “Trump Threatens Riot If He Doesn’t Get Republican Nomination”

6 Responses

  1. Trumper can threaten all he wants, but he has a lot less power than he thinks he has.

    Sure he has been able to tap into the anger of the downwardly mobile white racists, and they can indeed riot, but all that will accomplish is ripping apart the republican party and ensure Clinton becomes POTUS.

    While Bernie followers will be disappointed if Clinton get the nomination, they will not riot nor will they stay home, especially after the images of republican riots fill the TV screens scaring the heck out of them.

  2. If the American people are as evil as so many commenters on this site appear to believe (in different ways), then we can’t be confident that a violent Trump mob won’t be joined by more and more angry people until it marches into the White House.
    However, I would say that many of the people on this site point out such evils as an excuse to run and hide. Isolate from government, isolate from the right to revolution, isolate from the world. Even a chance to make bizarre excuses for men who would drag America back to the 19th century, on the grounds that this would magically lead to the dismantling of its post-1898 military and empire.
    What is missing among such cynics is any awareness of young people who believe in activism and activist government. Not just Americans, but Arabs and Europeans who defy authoritarian capitalism and Marxism and Islamism.

  3. Our form of government was designed for the people to reject this kind of nonsense. Time to be Americans.

  4. I would not dismiss Trump’s threats. His psychotic followers are already armed to the teeth. What they want is a continuation of the war they have never acknowledged they lost.

  5. The purpose of Trump’s candidacy is to subvert the electoral process. The Republican bosses will run their own candidate (Cruz) if Trump gets the nomination, and Trump will run as an independent if the convention is brokered. Either way there will be a three-way race in November, and the decision goes to the House if no one gets a majority of electoral votes. Let’s say Clinton gets 47%, Trump 40% and Cruz 13% – guess who the Republican-controlled House will select? All those decades of gerrymandering are about to pay-off.

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