Saadi on Impatient Love (Poem of the Day)

By Muslih al-Din “Saadi” Mushrif ibn Abdullah Shirazi | Trans. Reynold A. Nicholson | – –

The heart that loves with patience — a stone ’tis, not a heart;
Nay, love and patience dwell of old a thousand leagues apart.
O brethren of the mystic path, leave blame and me alone!
Repentance in the way of Love is glass against a stone.
No more in secret need I drink, in secret dance and sing:
For us that love religiously, good name’s a shameful thing.
What right and justice should I see or what instruction hear?
Mine eye is to the Saki(1) turned, and to the lute mine ear.

Translations of Eastern Poetry and Prose

1 Wine server

Saadi in a Rose garden, from a Mughal manuscript of his work Gulistan, c. 1645 h/t Wikipedia

Saadi of Shiraz died in 1291/2

2 Responses

  1. In Persian Sufism and mystics, Saki or Saghi means wine server which symbolizes the presence of the Beloved God.
    The one who ,after you have emptied the cup of wine of selfishness , fills your cup with His Presence.

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