Muslim American Voters in Swing States Calling for Total & Complete Shutdown of Trump Candidacy

Dena Takruri | (AJ+ Video Report) | – –

“Muslims have come up more in this election than ever before. But did you know they could actually swing the election? AJ+’s Dena Takruri reports from the battleground state of Florida.”

AJ+: “Does The Muslim American Vote Matter?”

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  1. Michigan has several hundred thousand Muslim-American citizens and the latest poll shows Trump behind Clinton by only 5% in Michigan – so it is conceivable that the Muslim vote may make a difference on Election Day in the Wolverine State.

  2. Julian Koss

    I cannot understand why ALL people people of ALL (religious) faiths will not reject the republican candidate for the presidency – a racist, bigoted, bully who defames women, is a warmonger and perhaps has commited treason, a lover of the dictator Putin, a cheat and a cheater. The man is a LOSER!!!

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