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  1. The United States Supreme Court in St. Francis College vs. Al Khazraji, 481 US 604 (1987) held in a landmark decision that persons of Arabian ancestry are protected as non-Caucasians under certain federal civil rights legislation.

    That opinion was authored by Byron White – and Jewish organizations filed briefs in support of that claimant, an Iraqi-American professor, alleging race discrimination. The decision indirectly bolstered the argument that Jewish-Americans should receive similar civil rights protections.

    link to law.cornell.edu

  2. As we all came originally from Africa the correct designation is “Homo Africanus”. Is there an “other” box available for that to write in?
    You can rest assured that “Homo Africanus” was dark skinned because of the exposure to sunlight at high angles of entry. Those of us who are lighter skinned-and are mistakenly named “white”-got that way because our forbears began to live in regions where sunlight enters at lower angles. The difference between idiotic “white” and idiotic “black” is due to evolution. It is not original.
    Evolution demands, for example, that “whites” who have settled permanently near the equator should intermarry with “blacks” to protect their skins from damage and become a dark-skinned “Homo Africanus”.
    Mediterraneans and many Arabs live in intermediate solar zones hence are neither “white” nor “black” but “tan”.
    It is time to end this nonsense. If you want some real information then offer in a box on a scale from 1 to 5: “how privileged or underprivileged are you”?

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