Trump blames Muslim immigrants for Turkey, Berlin Violence

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After the assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey by a member of the Ankara police force who appears to have gone over to some form of al-Qaeda-like radicalism, one person on the internet said that Turkey should never have let Muslims into its country.

This person did not realize that the vast majority of people who live in Turkey are of Muslim heritage, and have been for many centuries.

This “this is not The Onion” level of disbelief also has to attend Trump’s reaction to the assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey on Sunday. He said the incident, and the truck attack in Berlin on what he characterized as “Christians,” proved he was right in his position that Muslim immigrants should not be allowed to come to the US.

The problem is that assassin Mevlut Altintash was not an immigrant, to anywhere. He was a natural born Turk, born and raised in his native country. He is also part of a very tiny fringe of radical Muslim Turks (large numbers of Turks are secularists, while most others tend toward a moderate Islam).

Both in Ankara and in Berlin, far right radicals were attempting to troll various publics. They want to sour relations between Turkey and Russia. They want to provoke Germans of Christian heritage to attack Germans of Muslim heritage. When German Muslims are accepted in German society, radicalism cannot flourish. Hence, it is suspected that a Tunisian terrorist drove the truck into the German crowd.

The German far right is scathingly criticizing Chancellor Angela Merkel and urging attacks on German Muslims (5.8 percent of the German population). In other words they are allowing themselves to be trolled by Muslim radicals. Likewise, so is Trump swallowing the Daesh (ISIS, ISIL) line.

Likewise, for someone to suggest that only immigrants have committed violence in Germany is obscene. Far more violence is committed by the German far right (and has been for a century) than was ever carried out by the small Muslim community in Germany. The same is true of the United States, where Neonazis, biker gangs, and other manifestations of the far right have deliberately ratcheted up tensions between Christians and Muslims.

Gandhi said that an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. If the German and American publics allow the radical trolls to win, that is where the whole world is going.


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  1. Germany is in real trouble. Only takes a small minority of murdering radical Islamists to cause a lot of chaos.

  2. The suspect of the Berlin attack was arrested in August of this year in the Southern German town of Friedrichshafen. He had a falsified Italian ID on him.
    It may be crucial that he was in Frierichshafen. It is a fairly large town on the Bodensee. There are several fairly safe ways to get into and out of Germany from Friedrichshafen through Austria, France and, albeit less safe, Switzerland. By car. By train. And above all by the numerous ferry services from Friedrichshafen to ports in these countries. You do not have to identify yourself to buy a ferry ticket and it is very easy to pretend that you are a tourist. Since the pact of Schengen there are no longer border controls between Germany, Austria, and France. I am not sure about Switzerland.
    He also lived for a while in Emmerich very close to an escape to the Netherlands.
    My hunch is that the suspect had contact addresses in Italy, Austria, and Germany where he could hide and find help.

  3. Anti-Semitism is simply one subdivision of racism that has been winkled out from the rest and given a dimension of its own for largely political purposes. I am unable to see any innate difference between the targets of attacks, whether they are people or property – such as buildings, schools, places of worship and cemeteries – (are) selected because they are, or are perceived to be, Jewish or linked to Jews.* and targeted attacks on any other racial or religious groups, people or property. As far as I know such acts are criminal anyway and adequately covered by existing UK legislation. Of course there is anti-Semitism, there always has been, but I am unaware of it being politically motivated in the much more dangerous way anti-Arab sentiment is daily ignorantly or willfully nurtured and spewed out in the West. The British tend to be suspicious of all groups unlike them but are also quite ready to accept and welcome individuals when they get to know them. I was well aware of this as a child when many Jews had fled to England from Nazi oppression, it was exemplified by the oft heard phrase, …but many of my best friends are Jewish. What no legislation will ever do is make people ‘like’ Jews, but not ‘liking’ Jews is not the same as disliking them and nothing whatsoever to do with anti-Semitism.


  4. An unqualified and inexperienced President elect, shows the world his ignorance, and jumps to conclusions even before officials in Germany do. This is simply a taste of what is to come for the next four years.

  5. Woe be unto those •••clowns who elected a person in their likeness. Donald J. Trump is dangerously incompetent. He is placing our country in great danger by his lack of abilities. Now Trump wants MORE nuclear weapons, folks we are in deep •••t.

  6. Two things come to mind.

    There has been a discernible shift in the strategy of ISIS during the last 2-3 years. Now, for attacks in Western countries. they have simplified ways to weak destruction and to cause fractures that demonize disaffected Muslin on the receiving end of nonstop venous invective by facilitating fulminations of anti-Muslim and Anti-Arab public invective (most people sadly conflate Arab and Islam).

    ISIS is fully cognizant of the response by Western countries. And their new modus operandi reduces the need for complex training in the use of explosives with timers which required migration to covert training centers and an increase in communication (“chatter”) that can be more readily intercepted by intelligence services.

    So, this shift to “soft target” has been undertaken as a carefully crafted strategy, completely decentralized and making use of trucks and vehicles as weapons, the low-tech equivalent of commercial airplanes as bombs.

    Europeans for centuiries have celebrated their open markets, most especially during the Christmas season.

    Most seem to understand that protecting democratic freedom is fundamental; that anyone seriously proposing a binary (and therefore false dichotomy) over freedom from state intrusion through the installation of thousands of more CCTV cameras is merely to fool the public into eviscerating from while under the the illusion that in so doing, they will achieve greater security.

    Nonetheless, security experts agree that “German officials… did not” appear to have…obstacles capable of stopping a lorry in Berlin.”

    In the 12/20/2016 edition of the BBC, a story entitled, “Berlin attack: Can police protect Christmas crowds?” the answer was unambiguously simple: they were unable to offer guarantees since “Christmas markets can’t be turned into fortresses,” one German official said the day after the attack. “We have an unlimited number of soft targets. There are so many possibilities to attack with a lorry and kill people.”

    Then there is the problem of failure of regional security agencies and the police to solve the problem which has plagued France with the largest Muslim population in Europe: poor sharing of crucial information.

    Still, in Germany, significant Muslims, especially in in Wuerzburg, vehemently denounced violence committed by people they don’t know personally with placards written in German which stated, “”Not in my name.” Most of Germans Muslims were recruited to work in German factories since the early 1970s and whose parents and grand-patents were raised in a secular state (Turkey) before seeking labor in Germany.

    Missing from most public disscucions, especially led by Gerany’s AfD party leader attempt to argue that immigration is creating discontent and the erosion of the “imagined community” of Germany as a singular, unfified country, when the forest East Germany has experienced severe de-industrialization and which shares few commanaliities with Bavaria, the Rhine Valley and the more refined high Germany (Hochdeutsch) form of speaking she has mastered in order to appear more refined and less xenophobic despite revealing the unsubtle aspects of her views; ones, that, while expressed more eloquently than those if Marie LePen of France, remain decidedly suffused with a belief in how non-white and especially immigrants are destroying Germany culture despite the sharp regional regional differences that shape educational quality and possibilities for economic mobility.

    A useful Guardian profile demonstrates how the alternatives she espouses will favor her “Chosen people” over those whose ethno-religious background relegates them to frenzied, hysteria rather the creation of more inclusive public policy proposals. This seems merely a more sophisticated method of encouraging increased scapegoating of people and communities deemed undesirable. link to

    Sadly, in our post-fact era, there is almost complete discussion of how violence by had remained fairly constant in Germany and not on an upward dangerous climb by immigrants ans asylum speakers.

    Britain journalist Robert Fisk,supports the argument made several times in 2016 that “Isis is using terror to eliminate multicultural countries like Germany – and the far-right is helping them.” Unfortunately, this morally horrific but tactically brilliant response by ISIS to Western (read America-UK dominated Gulf state allies) are similar in the asymmetric assemblage increases the likelihood that more extremists will find the allure of ISIS their most efficacious means of striking back.

    Placing these developments altogether, we can reasonably conclude that this isn’t simply a war without mercy, but more insidious: the unwinnable prosecution of military interventions at the behest of incoherent political objectives. link to

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