Muslim Shockwaves as New Congress’ Bill seeks all Jerusalem for Israeli Colonization

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Three U.S. senators introduced a bill calling for U.S. embassy to be relocated to Jerusalem and recognizing city as Israeli capital.

As it convened for the first Tuesday of the New Year, the new U.S. Congress made one of its primary orders of business the introduction of a bill to move the country’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, calling on Washington to recognize Jerusalem as “the undivided capital of the State of Israel.”

The “Jerusalem Embassy and Recognition Act,” submitted Tuesday by former Republican presidential candidates and senators Ted Cruz of Texas and Marco Rubio of Florida as well as Nevada Senator Dean Heller, would withhold funds from the U.S. State Department until the embassy is moved.

The bill calls for Washington to recognize the city as “the undivided capital of the State of Israel, both de jure and de facto,” according to a report by Haaretz Wednesday.

Both Cruz and Rubio, as well as their opponent during the Republican primaries, President-elect Donald Trump, have repeatedly promised to fulfill the Israeli “dream” of moving the embassy to Jerusalem.

Recognizing the highly-contested city as the Israeli capital would be a controversial move given Israel’s illegal occupation of East Jerusalem since 1967 and Palestinian claims to the city.

Jerusalem is home to sites sacred to Jews, Muslims and Christians and the move would be a break from decades of U.S. policy. Successive administrations have refused calls to move the embassy and have promoted negotiations over the status of the city.

The congressional bill would also be in line with promises made by Trump before and after he won the presidential elections in November. Israel has already built thousands of houses in East Jerusalem where thousands of illegal settlers live.

Several ministers in Israel have welcomed the election of Trump, saying his presidency could put an end to Palestinian aspirations for statehood and realize the dream of making Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

The real estate billionaire and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met in late September when Trump told Netanyahu that if elected, “a Trump administration would finally accept the long-standing congressional mandate to recognize Jerusalem as the undivided capital of the State of Israel.”

In response to his pledge, Palestinian ambassador to the United Nations Riyad Mansour threatened in November to unleash “all of the weapons that we have in the U.N.” against the United States, Israeli media reported Sunday.

The controversial move would also send shockwaves across the Arab and Muslim world as many see Jerusalem as a holy site for Muslims and refuse any Israeli claims to the city.

According to Haaretz, the U.S. Congress had in fact passed the original Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 by a large majority, requiring Washington to move the embassy to the holy city by May 1999.

However, the bill included a loophole allowing the president to postpone the move by signing a waiver twice a year based on “national security” concerns.


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  1. If the bill passes and if the USA does move the embassy, it will put the Saudis and the other Sunni gulf states in a real bind politically with their extremely regressive religious leadership. While Jordan is nominally the “guardian” of Al-Aqsa Mosque, any changes to the status will blowback on KSA, forcing the KSA political leadership to address the issue just to minimize power shifting to Iran. Of course Iran will be able to talk about their attempts to restrain Israel while KSA has “worked” with Israel.

    Basically, the trump administration is going to drastically restructure the power in the Middle East with Iran probably gaining power, KSA losing power and Israel being in even more danger.

    As the real situation stands right now, Israel fully controls all the land west of the Jordan River and fully controls the Al-Aqsa Mosque area. Under trump, the USA and Israel will just look the other way when the extreme Israeli Rabbis “invade” and possibly damage the Mosque. This will make Israel extremely unstable and Israel will quickly discover that all those settlements are not only no protection from the Arabs, but also very handy targets for attack.

    If Israel oppresses the non-Jewish humans living west of the Jordan River too much or closes the Mosque, KSA might be forced to use the many modern , “quick launch” highly accurate Chinese MRBM they have pointed at Israel. Sure Israel could retaliate, but that will just get 100,000 missiles raining down on Israel of which the “magic” “Rust Dome” systems MIGHT be able to stop about 1000. The rest of the Arab missiles will turn every square meter of Israel into rubble. I suspect as that is happening, over half the Israeli will flee to the west and the rest will fight to the death, possibly including nuking everything within reach of their long rang ICBMS (yes, they can reach the USA, all of Europe, western Russia and parts of Asia)

    And if “hot war” breaks out in the ME, what will the USA do? If it backs Israel it will be Israel and the USA against the world, but if the USA remains neutral, Israel will be toast.

    Over the next ten years this is going to get real, real messy and Americans are going to deeply regret ever protecting Israel.

    • Israel is the little douchebag who feels free to pick fights because he knows his bigger, stronger friends are obligated to watch his back. Everybody’s got one.

  2. Of course they are politicians with no conscience, nor the decency to NOT go against international laws. This is sickening to say the least. How long will they go for Israel?

  3. This heading should NOT be a “Muslim shockwave” – it should be global shockwave. This heading is utterly wrong and gives the impression that only Moslems will be effected and offended. Needs to be corrected.

  4. Are they insane or lobotomized? Complete ignorance by the US uninformed Republicans who are acting like mindless imbeciles. Must never happen!

  5. i welcome any move that will hasten the inevitable justice that will come to this argument. the short term people will suffer..but..they are doing that already

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