Top 5 Ways Obama is Behind Leaks, Protests against Trump

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) | – –

Trump did an interview with “Fox and Friends” for this morning in which he alleged that former president Barack Obama is behind the leaks that have bedeviled Trump’s White House.

The Fox agent provocateur asked Trump a leading question as to whether Obama is also behind the angry crowds of constituents who have attended some Republican town halls on issues like repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

Trump replied, “No, I think he is behind it. I also think it’s just politics. That’s just the way it is. You never know what’s exactly happening behind the scenes … I think that President Obama’s behind it because his people are certainly behind it.”

Last we saw President Obama, he was hang gliding in the Caribbean with obvious delight at getting his personal freedom back after eight thankless years in office, during which white people prevented him from doing virtually any of the good deeds for them that he had intended. Trump’s paranoid remarks would raise further questions about his sanity if a) they weren’t obviously planted by Rupert Murdoch’s mind control techniques and b) if any further questions about his sanity were necessary.

But here are the actual ways that Obama is, in a way, behind Trump’s troubles:

1. Obama is famously calm, collected, rational and deliberative. The unhinged and frenetic people who replaced him have freaked out the White House staffers who stayed on into the new administration, and impelled them to let the country know what is going on. Trump’s Rasputin and alt-NeoNazi Steve Bannon has so much of a temper on him that he’s been accused of repeated domestic abuse, and even he admits he “runs a little hot” (is he an old boiler or something?). So no one can be sure of its validity, but a White House leak feed tweeted this on Monday:

Clearly it was the unrealistic expectations raised by Obama’s character that have caused this panic and the spate of leaks.

2. People at the town halls are afraid of losing their health insurance. Obama had minded that when she was ill, his mother’s disability insurance denied her claim because, the company said, her cancer was a pre-existing condition. So the Affordable Care Act forced insurance companies to provide coverage even for preexisting conditions. Republican legislators in the back pocket of the 1% want to abolish that provision, and therefore their town halls are full of angry Republicans who have decided that they rather like the ACA. This outrage is obviously Obama’s fault for having coddled the sick in the first place.

3. Obama was extremely careful about deploying military personnel in battlefront warfare. His critics complain about the drone strikes and bombing runs he launched. Whether they are right or not, the point for Obama was that these tactics were a means to avoid putting US soldiers in harm’s way. Two weeks into his presidency, Trump appears casually to have launched a commando raid on a facility of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) in southern Yemen. Some 30 civilians were killed in the raid, including 9 children, as well as a US Navy Seal. The Seal’s father is not satisfied that the raid was properly planned (Obama had ordered a study of the possibility but likely would not have signed off on such an operation). He refused to meet Trump and wants an investigation to see if the sacrifice of his son’s life was warranted. So that Obama did not typically shoot from the hip on military operations has also spoiled things for his successor.

4. There is no evidence that Obama’s National Security Adviser Susan Rice ever once called the Russian Embassy to reassure Moscow’s diplomats that sanctions placed on Russian officials over the unilateral annexation of Crimea from the Ukraine would be lifted. Nor did Rice take $40,000 to speak in Moscow at a commemoration of a Russian-government-backed television channel. So Rice’s absence of sketchy relations with the Russian Federation, in contrast to those of disgraced former Trump National Security Adviser Mike Flynn, clearly set a standard of behavior that impressed US security personnel and caused some of them to leak Flynn’s improper actions.

5. There are all kinds of people on staff at the White House, and some of them are disturbed at the white supremacist tone set by Trump, Bannon, Miller and others. One young Muslim-American woman says she only lasted 8 days in a newly hostile work environment. By treating people of all races and creeds decently, Obama without a doubt sowed dissension in the ranks of government employees who, after Trump’s election, discovered that he wanted to fire and/or deport them.

So yes, Donald, it is Obama’s fault. Just not in the way your warped mind imagines.


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  1. It’s the “blame everyone else but myself” game, and if anyone blamed him (rightfully so) it was all fake news. This man does not have the temperament to be President, he is juvenile, vindictive, and very loose with facts. He has shown he is a cheap person by blaming his predecessor, a no-no usually, as other Presidents have never bad mouthed the ones before. He has been known for starting fakes news, by calling media outlets, calling himself John Miller or John Barron (seems to like that name, so what a coincidence his son was called Barron), pretending he is a new recruit in the Trump organization, and give the false bits of news that HE wanted the media to write, and get control over what was said. Fake news was first initiated by the Orange Jackass, now he simply accuses others of the same thing. Dirty habits die hard.

  2. I watched Tucker interview Nye yesterday on Fox news. Unbelievable persistent attacks and interruptions by Tucker
    I think this news here is worth posting

    link to

    I know this is not exactly related to Obama but there is a frenzy of partisan media by Fox news these days that is 1930’s in its viciousness

  3. Juan,
    That WH staffer twitter account seems too good to be true. Also, when the person says s/he spent ten minutes alone with Melania, would that not then automatically give it away? Do you have reason to think this is real? It is indeed juicy.

  4. Now, take note of Trump’s proven pattern of behaviour and project it out a bit.

    It’s absolutely no surprise he would be blaming his frustrations on Obama at this point (even as he denies any problems).

    But, what will his behavior be after a few more months, once he and his people are all in place, confident in their prerogatives and entitled as they are?

    Expect lashing out, and not just on Fox, but with the substantive vengeance by all means he endorses and recommends in his book.

    This comment is not meant to gratuitously inflame, but rather to get those who have some means of acting to consolidate their planning before things get really nasty. Meaning leakers and resisters need to be organized for a far heavier weight of intimidation and outright power to fall.

  5. Here’s another thought, once again stressing that Trump has never really had a plan, other than to follow his Ego…

    Bannon appears to be walking coronary case, what with the perpetually red face, bulging eyes, and being clearly overweight,

    We’re told not to perform psychoanalysis at a distance, but I’m wondering if an experienced Doctor would see the guy just exploding at some point, given how he presents and these reports of classic Type B temperament?

    Speaking of which, as the pressure builds, how’s the heart of a guy like Trump liable to hold out?

  6. One problem of today’s media doing its job is that it is bound to distract, anger, and confuse the President. His only reaction possible is to strike out. When your arsenal contains missiles, nukes, tanks, fighter-bombers, and subs, striking out is decidedly deadly.

    • “His only reaction possible is to strike out.”
      Hey, don’t give the media any more excuses to normalize this guy, nor placate or flatter him! Some news outlets are just now starting to rediscover that long-lost, arcane art: JOURNALISM.

  7. In that same “interview”, Trump blamed Army Generals for the loss of Sgt. Ryan in Yemen. the slimeball passed the buck.

    • He can NEVER act like a decent person and take responsibility for anything. This is how it is going to be. Every blunder (like Yemen), every lie that goes out of control, and for every hate crime that has been instigated by him, will be passed on to Obama, the Democrats, other world leaders, Muslims, Mexicans, even Melania’s plagiarism was blamed on some junior member of staff. This man will press the red nuclear button, and blame the enemy for that (not Russia for sure).

  8. We’ve been through this all before. Bush had no business beating Al Gore or replacing Bill Clinton based on any objective standard. But Trump is leading a tribal uprising against objective standards. Not, “our truth deserves a hearing no matter how ridiculous and self-serving”, but “ours is the only truth because we alone own America.”

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