Disgust as Corporate Media and DC Politicians Gush Over Trump’s New War

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According to DC pundits, Trump was a dangerous maniac…until he started bombing?’

“We see these beautiful pictures at night from the decks of these two Navy vessels in the eastern Mediterranean,” Brian Williams said, describing footage of the U.S. missile strike. “I am tempted to quote the great Leonard Cohen: ‘I’m guided by the beauty of our weapons.'”

Corporate media and D.C. politicians on both sides of the aisle are falling over themselves to shower praise on President Donald Trump for unilaterally bombing a Syrian air base on Thursday, demonstrating that Washington’s hunger for war continues no matter who is at the controls.

Some talking heads’ praise for the new war effort has been so over-the-top that it alarmed viewers, as when NBC‘s Brian Williams called the launch of 59 Tomahawk missiles—which state media now reports have killed civilians, including children—”beautiful” no less than three times in 30 seconds. Williams even misguidedly quoted a Leonard Cohen lyric to gush over the strike.

The critical reaction on social media was swift:

And Williams was far from alone in his over-the-top praise for Trump’s bombing. The Intercept‘s Lee Fang collected clips of pundits showering praise on Trump:

Print journalists jumped at the chance to beat the war drums, too, framing Trump’s decision to bomb Syria as an emotional, heartfelt, and moral one.

The Washington Post‘s David Ignatius claimed that it was evidence that “the moral dimensions of leadership” had penetrated Trump’s Oval Office. And in a New York Times op-ed titled “On Syria Attack, Trump’s Heart Came First,” White House correspondent Mark Landler framed the bombing as “an emotional act by a man suddenly aware that the world’s problems were now his—and that turning away, to him, was not an option.”

Readers swiftly pointed out the hypocrisy of Trump’s supposed sympathy for Syrian war victims, whom he barred from entering the U.S. in one of his first acts as president:

Many Congressional Democrats joined neoconservatives in offering immediate praise for the bombing. As Kevin Gosztola of ShadowProof observed:

Chuck Schumer, the Democratic Senate minority leader, proclaimed, “Making sure Assad knows that when he commits such despicable atrocities he will pay a price is the right thing to do.” Even Democratic Senator Dick Durbin declared, “My preliminary briefing by the White House indicated that this was a measured response to the Syrian nerve gas atrocity.”

Prior to the attack, neoconservative Elliott Abrams, a former official in President George W. Bush’s administration, said, “Obama did nothing at all year after year to save the lives of Syrians. Now Trump has to match his rhetoric with something concrete.”

Indeed, leftist pundits pointed out that when it comes to war, both sides of the partisan aisle appear ideologically united:

Many anti-war voices lamented the immediate approval from all sides for war, and expressed surprise that the praise is coming from even avid Trump critics:

Others compared it to the lead-up to the still ongoing Iraq war, when the media united with Washington politicians to push for President George W. Bush’s “preemptive war.”

Some also speculated that the United States’ economic ties to military contractors may play a role in the never-ending push for endless war, while stock prices for the company that manufactures Tomahawk missiles rose immediately following the attack.

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  1. The tragedy is that all these guys were looking hard (and justifiably) for a valid reason to impeach Trump, and now that one finally comes along – they all drop to their knees for him.

    And the Leonard Cohen quote. Dang.

    Somehow the thought of BW listening to LC and totally not getting is …. a gently disturbing, an unsurprising idea that generates an entirely novel and surprising shape of fractal irony… Kindof like the first time you try to follow the curve of a klein bottle or something… it has this zen-simple elegance as a capsule expression of where the media seems to be at in relation to their turn with the relationship to Trump now.

    Another feather in Brian Williams’ hat I guess.

  2. And you choose msnbc to attack on this? and Nance, who has been trying to tell us about Russian intervention, the total lack of security online, since long before the election? Tell me again how awful Clinton would have been. I think you are tools.

  3. This attack on Syria was illegal, unconstitutional and an act of war, to quote Representative Barbara Lee. It’s ghastly, like the bloc of corporate Democrats and Corporate Media supporting Bush’s war against Iraq.

    And here we are again.

    • Dave – But here today in reality, it’s a bloc of corporate Republicans and Corporate- Controlled Media encouraging Trump’s war against Syria. Congressperson Lee is correct. “This is an act of war. Congress needs to come back into session & hold a debate. Anything less is an abdication of our responsibility. link to t.co

  4. So Putin says to Trump, he says, So you are having increasing bad time about how I helped you in election? Here’s my idea for you: first make sure you tell me and Assad when and where you will strike so no big damage or death happens. Then bomb lightly an air base in Syria — I’ll get you place where to bomb after I get place from Assad. Then, automatic and sure thing, American media and both Parties will be loving Mr. President Trump. Is guarantee, I’m telling you!

  5. Those missiles tipped with sarin must have also made beautiful, beautiful trails through the air…before they hit the earth.


    Am I the only person who gets a graphic visual in my mind when I read about the flight of 59 US Tomahawk missiles? I picture the eight dead soldiers at the airfield and 9 dead civilians (4 civilians from the village of Shayrat and 5 civilians from the village of Al-Hamrat). And I picture the 7 injured civilians in the village of Al-Manzul which is 2 and 1/2 miles away from the air base.

    I don’t need photographers on the ground to see in my mind’s eye the torn bodies and the weeping family members. Apparently, no one else has the brain that I have.

    When my fellow Americans read that some missiles hit an airfield, they think only of vapor trails and the rocket’s red glare.

    If presented with photos of blackened potholes in a cement runway surrounded by a vast wasteland of dirt, they are incapable of transferring that violence to the violence done to human bodies.

    The babies we just killed apparently never existed because the West didn’t publish the photos of their mangled bodies.

  6. The only people who “paid a price” were the Syrians killed and wounded (and their loved ones). And how much you want to bet that they are people with next to no control over Assad’s war?

    How does murdering some poor Joe who is a mechanic or a guard at the air station and some farming family that tends fields only a couple of miles away from the air base change anything?

    All these centuries of humans writing about the stupidity of war, and yet, here we are, still persisting in humanity’s stupidest iteration of warfare.

  7. Brings back images of that infamous ‘shock and awe’ some fourteen years ago. The media still beats the drums of war! Not even an acknowledgement that this might be a violation of international law! It’s like no other nation exists! I feel almost ashamed to be an American at times like this. This is why we desperately need an alternative to the two major corporate, war-mongering party. There’s some differences around the edges in domestic matters, but in the subservience to their corporate masters, including war profiteers, there’s not a dime’s worth of difference!

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