How Trump should have responded to London Attacks if he were Normal

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Donald J. Trump
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue/ Mar-a-Lago Florida (Golf Course)

Dear Prime Minister May and Mayor Khan:

I was devastated to learn that so many people were killed or wounded on London Bridge Saturday night. The special relationship between my country and the United Kingdom is such that your pain is our pain. We stand with you in complete solidarity and all the resources of the FBI, the CIA and the NSA are at your disposal in tracking down the cell responsible for this heinous act of terror against innocent civilians and ensuring that it is unable to perpetrate any further such crimes.

I stand amazed and heartened that London police, by dint of years of exacting training were able to respond to the attacks within 8 minutes. I salute their bravery. One among their number confronted three determined terrorists armed only with a baton, and risked his life for his country, indeed, for all civilized people everywhere.

On coming to understand that so much terrorism is domestic, and given the horrific murder of two men on a train in Portland just last week by a far rightwing extremist just as dangerous as any ISIL operative, I have rethought my ill-considered earlier attempt to implement a visa ban for persons from select countries, of certain ethnicities or religious heritages.

As you all know, I sort of opposed the Iraq War prosecuted by George W. Bush. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for Washington having dragged London into the ill-considered piece of adventurism. There is no excuse for terrorism and no proper response to it but to close it down. But you have to wonder if Britain would be being attacked in this way if it had never helped us invade Iraq and turn that country upside down.

I applaud Mayor Sadiq Khan’s decision to put extra police on the streets of London and his attempts to reassure the public that this measure does not call for alarm but rather is a sign that the police are doing their jobs.

It is particularly important at this juncture, when nut jobs like Nigel Farage are actually using terms such as “internment” with regard for Britain’s three million Muslims that the face of London is a popular and upstanding British Muslim dedicated to providing security to its residents.

I was also touched to hear of the Muslim cabbies who gave free rides to passengers seeking to flee the scene of the attack.

Our message to the people of the United Kingdom in the wake of two cowardly assaults on unsuspecting civilians, including children, must be that we shall prevail. We shall live our lives normally, fearlessly, with full enjoyment, with prudence but no undue anxiety. When terrorists are reduced to using knives and a van as their instruments, it is a sign of their desperation and bankruptcy.

In this regard I applaud the brave performers at the benefit concert at Manchester, who proved that a message of joy and inclusiveness is the best antidote to hate and division.

In addition, the next time I am in London I want to have a beer with this guy:

The terrorists wish to set us against one another, to send us down the road of hate and division, as a diversionary tactic whereby they can seize ever greater power and disrupt our ways of life.

We shall not allow them to succeed.

Yours sincerely,

Donald J. Trump


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  1. Give me your radical preachers of hate!
    He should have said-
    I must say that US and UK at times have persuade polices that has put our citizens at risk. We have achieved great tactical and strategic victories, defeated communism, supported and secured the apartheid state and Arabia INC. great, great victories and made lots of money but somehow not satisfying as we have more nuts to crack. We all must sacrifice and all will be safer if we follow the apartheid authorities’ security solution.
    -Reserve right change position at will-

  2. You apologize for the British people being dragged into the Iraq war, but as I recall Tony Blair and his government were all for it and the media here was completely on side and relished the prospect of war. I see that you don’t even mention the more recent attack on Libya by the West, notwithstanding the fact that the Manchester terrorists were proven to be connected with this country and had visited there in recent times. Countries that aren’t involved in regime change or otherwise attacking people in the middle East, are not being terrorized by jihads or any other Mid-East fanatics.

  3. I believe what you propose is so contrary to Trump’s style that he would never write it. There are some people who believe in making friends and being polite to others. It seems that President Trump’s special skill is to be rude and to make enemies, sometimes for no obvious reason.

    Trump either misunderstood or more likely deliberately distorted what Mayor Khan had said in order to again give vent to his anti-Muslim feelings. Khan had simply said that during the coming days the Londoners would see more armed policemen on the streets but he urged them not to be alarmed. He was not talking about the terrorist attack, which he condemned in the strongest terms. The best response to President Trump was provided by one of Khan’s staff, namely that he had more important things to do than to respond to Donald Trump’s “ill-informed tweet”.

    The public in Britain has not taken kindly to this inappropriate response by the leader of their closest ally to a dreadful tragedy. As former Vice-President Al Gore said: “I don’t think that a major terrorist attack like this is the time to be divisive and to criticize a mayor who’s trying to organize his city’s response to this attack.”

    By the way, I believe that the off-duty police officer who confronted the terrorists was severely injured, but he did not die.

    • Well, the man did say “IF” Trump were normal. So yes, he would never write anything like this

  4. All that analysis is invalid, is half-a-truth, because it ignores the possible connection between the possible sentiments of the London Muslims perpetrators and the almost daily carnage of Muslims in the Holy Land which is also chronically ignored by the MSM.

  5. Potus feeds on fear, uses fear as power.
    Potus’ puppet masters/minders created terror by their greed, and use terror as power builder.
    Stop murdering in ME and terror will stop.
    Protest Loudly.

  6. dear prof cole.
    how is it possible that your website has almost nothing about mosul? our military and its operatives are presently blowing up this huge iraq city, committing war crimes daily, and creating yet another global refugee crisis.

    yet prof cole is silent. no thoughts. no outrage. no nothing. no wonder nobody knows nothing.

    here is a thought….what happens when they knock over that leaning minaret? how is that going to work out?


      • dear prof cole,

        my point still stands. you seem a bit disinterested considering the scale of the destruction.

        but still…have you thought about the leaning minaret? how are they going to get the isis fighters out of it without knocking it down? after they knock it down, how is it going to go over in sunnistan? when the pictures of shia soldiers high fiveing on its ruins take over twitter?

        who is going to rebuild these cities? who is going to pay for the reconstruction of four or five large cities? sinjar, tikrit, falklujah, ramadi, and now mosul. will we take in the refugees here in the usa?

        have you ever heard the saying …”we have to burn the village to save it?”

        see what i am saying?

  7. Yeah, in your dreams. Trump will never bring himself to sound so concerned and impassioned. Trump doesn’t know when not to promote the biggly beautiful plans of ‘Donald Trump’. In Trump’s mind, he is what we all waited for.

    I see instead Trump disbanding through his conceded efforts all alliances made toward America’s gathering of it’s coalition to fight the ‘War on Terror’. In fact, if we get lucky, maybe we will see that Trump’s rude actions, were his ‘secret weapon’ he talked about so much, as his way of ending this terribly long war.

  8. If Americans wanted a sane, liberal minded, well informed, compassionate president, they would have elected one.

  9. We, the UK, and others are waging a very extensive war against ISIL. Tens of thousands of airstrikes dropping tens of thousands of bombs. Plus we are supporting other nations in their fight against ISIL So when a person claiming to be an ISIL agent, operative, ally, sympathizer, commits a violent act in a country at war with ISIL, is that terrorism or the ebb and flow of warfare?

    I’m not questioning the validity of going to war against ISIL, but it seems that we ought to expect them to try and attack us with whatever means they have. We’ve been killing and maiming civilians in the Middle East for fifteen years but console ourselves by calling it collateral damage.

  10. Great article Professor. I certainly would want to have a beer with that cop, and this guy too who went at the three scumbags yelling “F&*k you, I’m Millwall” and then scrapped with them while saving countless lives.

    link to

  11. The horrible terrorist attacks that we are witnessing today, are the consequences of Western nations, led by the US, dropping bombs, and interfering in Muslim nations. It gave certain radicals the excuse to wage wars, and recruit jobless youth into their sick causes.
    Millions of Muslims have been killed, millions more wounded, and millions are refugees. There is no doubt Christians and Jews would have retaliated in many ways had the same numbers been wiped out. When will the US realize there are negative consequences for it’s arrogant policies and unnecessary wars?

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