Iranian Leader: Trump is “Disturbed,” speaks like a Cowboy or Mobster

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Iranian hardliners are still responding to Trump’s speech at the UN Monday, in which he accused Iran of backing terrorism and called the nuclear deal the worst deal the US had ever made.

Iranian leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Thursday that Donald Trump’s address to the UN had been the performance of a “cowboy” or a “mobster.” The US president’s words, he said, were “disturbed” and “detached from reality.”

Major-General Hassan Firouzabadi, a major military adviser to Iran’s Leader, lambasted Trump, saying, “That was the emptiest, most shameful speech delivered at the UN” according to Mehr news. He said he was praying for the liberation from the world of Trump-brand ‘world arrogance’ and said that Trump was “disregarding UN norms and talking against peace.” He added, “My condolences to the United States for their president…” [h/t BBC Monitoring for trans.]

Major-General Rahim Safavi, the chief military adviser to Khamenei, said that Trump’s UN address to the UN had been “stupid.” He said that the American public realizes that Trump is unqualified, and that they widely despise him. “I don’t expect him . . . to serve out his full term.” [h/t BBC Monitoring for trans.]

Safavi said “Trump showed he does not abide by any international agreement including the nuclear deal, which is a multilateral accord signed among big powers.”

Safavi objected to Trump’s characterization of Iran as a supporter of terrorism, saying that the US supported the extremist state of Saudi Arabia, supported Israeli terrorism against the Palestinians, supported the Nusra Front (an al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria), and he (incorrectly) accused the US of being behind the rise of ISIL.

Centrist president Hassan Rouhani, who had hoped for better relations with the US, opined that:

Hassan Rouhani: ‘No One Will Trust America’ If Donald Trump Leaves Iran Deal | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Trump’s speech at the U.N. was appalling. He clearly demonstrated he is not playing with a full deck. he makes Kim 3 look sane.

    Trump’s continued verbal assaults on Iran is completely irrational and dangerous, Iran is complying with the agreement it signed. the other countries are good with it. As a Canadian, I’m good with it. Whatever Trump’s problems are with Iran, it maybe what is wrong with his brain.

    Iran is not a perfect country and they have along way to go on women and human rights, but at the rate the U.S.A. is going with Trump, they won’t be much better.

    Trump needs to realize Iran and N. Korea are sovereign nations and they owe him and the U.S.A nothing. He has not right to dictate to them.

    Liked what Khamenei and his Generals had to say about Trump and they are quite correct, if Trump walks away from the deal, no country will want to sign a deal with the U.S.A. because they can’t keep their word. No wonder Kim 3 doesn’t want any type of deal with the U.S.A. its not that I want more countries to have nuclear arms, but I can see why Kim 3 wants to keep his.

  2. The speech was bizarre by anyone’s standards and was made all the more peculiar by the fixed approving smile on Nikki Haley’s face like some kind of grotesque painted face on a puppet from a horror film. I think most people would agree with Safavi that the US has been, if not behind ISIL, then a major supporter of this terrorist organisation. If not the US, then who do you think is the driving force behind ISIL, professor?

  3. Reichspräsident Strumpf is the amoral, insecure little boy created by his affection-depriving father and his early protector, Roy Cohn.

  4. Of course, Iranian hardliners are the last people who have any right to criticize President Trump for his hate speech, because they are the other side of the coin. The silly and meaningless chant (admittedly very rare these days and only used as a form of ritual on special occasions) of “death to America”, provocative statements such as “the regime occupying Palestine will vanish from the pages of history”, etc. are ugly and should be stopped, especially as they do not mean anything and give Iran a bad name.

    However, there is a difference between angry crowds chanting ugly slogans in some ceremonies and the leader of the most powerful country in the world saying that he intends to violate America’s promises and tear up the nuclear agreement, or his secretary of state calling for regime change. Iran is in no position to do serious harm to America, but as we have seen during the past two decades the United States is willing and able to do tremendous harm to Iran, as she has done to so many countries in the region. The great achievement of the nuclear deal was that it brought the more sensible people on the two sides to reach a landmark agreement through dialog. Instead of using that deal as a springboard for more far-reaching agreements with Iran on other issues of contention, President Trump wishes to set the clock back to a period of mutual demonization, mainly to please Netanyahu. It is sad, and the sooner cooler heads prevail on both sides the better.

  5. There is little question Trump’s style of belittling and antagonizing his opponents originated from his days as a Wrestlemania promoter. It was during this period when he learned from Vince McMahon how to manipulate the gullible fans who actually believed what was happening in the ring was real.

    Add to this years of acting as a game show host obsessed with ratings ( I received more votes than any other presidential candidate) and cliff hangers (I’ll let you know what I’m going to do about Iran) and you have the huckster we now call President. The Ayatollah is not far off the mark.

  6. Per the quotes cited, the Iranians have it correct in their assessment of our NATIONAL EMBARRASSMENT.

    Watching Trump in front of the UN allowed the ROW to see how WEAK and IRRELEVANT the US has become under this new leadership.

    Our determined enemies and “friendemies” have certainly taken note.

  7. All but single-handed Trump has rehabilitated Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Iran from the isolation ward wherein successive US policy makers have been confining them.

    Trump’s tough talk and sophomoric antics may have had the opposite effect of what he intended, however. Across the board, the world’s other major powers, most of America’s closest allies, and the vast majority of governments at the United Nations this week made clear that they favor the [JCPOA] deal. They are siding with Iran this time.

    link to

    Just like Obama with his ‘end of the queue’ threat before the Brexit vote, creating enough of a Who the hell does he think he is. Up his! reaction to swing the result from stay to leave.
    As I have commented before, it’s the Looking Glass world.

  8. When you say he “incorrectly” accused the US of being behind ISIS, I think that that is a matter of timing and interpretation. There seems to be little doubt but that Bush’s idiotic invasion of Iraq started things downhill and it is at least doubtful if ISIS would have been at all successful or come into existence without tha stupid invasion and the disastrous US policy that followed.

  9. Trump is so clueless. He is handling these volatile situations, just like he did the primaries, and running against Clinton. This is not Little Marco, or Lying Ted. The insults, and juvenile name calling, are not going to solve, or diffuse the situation.
    For a serious lack of a solid policy, or any solution, he makes up by tweeting insults or making threatening speeches, which only makes it worse. Hillary Clinton was right, this man does NOT have the temperament to be President, and the nation could be on the brink of a nuclear war, if not handled correctly. He DOES NOT know more than all the Generals either.

    It is unbelievable that Americans did not want to vote for an Ex Senator, and Secretary of State, with years of experience, and instead went for a con man, whose experience lies in organizing beauty pageants, and reality shows. It is frightening.

    It seems he is being prodded by Netanyahu to keep going after Iran, Netanyahu desperate to get the US to wage that war. Since Obama did not yield to the zionists, it seem they have picked on a clueless president, who may not know where Iran is on a map.

  10. don’t know if Bennie is the one who is “prodding” Trump. don’t think Trump cares enough about Israel to go to war for them. If there were a war with Iran, Israel will have more to loose than Iran. No one in the area will win a war. The whole area isn’t that big for there to be a real survivor in any war especially if any one fires a nuke. In my opinion Trump has a pickle up his ass about Iran, we just don’t know what its about.

  11. While what President Trump said at the UN is appalling it is not a new message. The US has been actively reinvested in regime change and promise breaking since the Bush presidency. The shenanigans in the Balkans (bombing Serbia already under Clinton), the destruction of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen, impoverishment and nazification of Ukraine are all cut from a single cloth.

    President Reagan and Secretary of State James Baker made the Soviet leadership and Mikhail Gorbachev solemn promises not to expand NATO to the East if the Soviets took down the Iron Curtain. More broken promises. It’s better not to even talk about American promises broken to the Palestinians about their own state within 1967 borders.

    Here in Europe, the Americans have encouraged their war zones to send millions north to destroy our fairer health care, unemployment and education systems. The relative peace and prosperity on earth for which we have striven and worked for are to be undone in five years of chaos so that the United States remains somewhere people might still want to live and the most stable nation for investment. We’re supposed to America’s closest allies yet America depredates our entire continent and economic system to keep your own corrupted plutocratic militarism afloat. The long term game appears to be a hope of creating desperate vassal armies to send east to Russia. Regular appearances by Presidents Obama and Trump to speak at military colleges in Poland and Ukraine confirm this process is already underway.

    Iran, North Korea, Venezuela and Russia are next on the list for American destruction (sanctions, arming of internal dissidents and terrorists, false flag atrocities, finally military action). President Trump has rather amusingly added China to that list. Amusingly as China in many measures of real economic output has surpassed the United States as the world’s number one economy. China is an enemy that the US cannot take on without a world war, both economic and physical, which the US is in a poor position to fight at this point with $20 trillion in debt and its broken factories and failed infrastructure and obese and poorly educated masses.

    The world has been watching this macabre dance and American dishonesty for more than two decades now. President Trump’s speech is nothing new.

    This is what America and what the American establishment are offering the world. It was a good thing the elite chose a mealy-mouthed lawyer last time to sell their message of misery and destruction to the world – President Obama like any competent lawyer was far better at obscuring the true meaning of his intentions behind banal blandishments.

    But the message is the same. Blame not Trump – he’s just the carnival barker. It’s up to you in the United States to remove this leadership – Hillary Clinton was even more intent on global war – and reform your political systems. From the outside, I’d suggest your priorities should be health care, infrastructure, education and the economy. Indeed mostly what President Trump partially promised before he was elected to the office and surrounded by the generals and the career politicians.

    If not, a long term decline amid global war is what awaits our lifetime.

    • In this and other of your posts I see you hitting all around a rather profound vision, and the only explanation that accounts for the trends in any sort of determistic sense: that this is all part of a plan.

      That plan, or vision, being driven by an terminal us versus them mindset. And at this point, many of those who strive so hard to gain power, will read this and laugh, saying, “that’s the way it is.”

      So, those who have dug the hole Israel now finds itself in have infected their mindset upon on the US, who with their neocolonial imperatives of consumption couldn’t be more primmed for their wisdom.

      In other words, what you’re observing is a slow-motion sucking of the worlds physical and intellectual assets into the US, with Europe slated as the last to go. Increasingly robust walls will be constructed to keep out the barbarians, even as the reigning oligarchy increasingly feeds on those within the walls from it’s gated communities.

      At some later stage we can now see looming into view, there will only be the 51 (!) States hunkering down behind their walls, sending out roving mercenaries (the invisible hand in action), to maintain the external chaos, and co-opt those with talent for service within the walls.

      • Actually, the physical and intellectual resources are going to Asia not the USA.

        The Europeans and Americans may think they are “hot stuff” but Asia, especially China, has been the global power leader for 4800 of the last 5000 years. And during those 200 years, Asia went from a feudal agricultural society to a massive industrial powerhouse.

        Americans are just being delusional.

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