Rush Limbaugh flees Irma after calling Hurricane & Climate Change Fake News

New York Daily News | (Video News Clip) | – –

Rush Limbaugh lambasted stories about Irma as deadly Category 5 hurricane as “fake news” intended to bolster a “climate change agenda” by spreading fear.

On Friday Limbaugh ran in terror as Irma closed in on his Florida studio, announcing his show had been cancelled until next week, when it would be broadcast from parts unknown.

That’s some hoax.

New York Daily News: “Rush Limbaugh evacuates Florida after calling hurricane a conspiracy”

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  1. Rush Limbaugh is a opioid-addicted, Clinton-hating, extreme right-wing nutcase who appeals to people exactly like him.

    Over the years Limbaugh has proven time and again HE KNOWS NOTHING except to speak in an annoying, excited high tone. A method of dialog which appeals to the marginals in our country.

  2. I want to see him just once forced to live by his own words. The weeping far-righter, Chris Cantwell, will be happy to share his crying towel with him.

  3. I’ll bet Ol Rusho ran over everybody in sight, including kids and the elderly trying to get out of town and save himself. HA HA HA

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