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  1. Just as China has driven down the cost of non-carbon energy production, Chinese companies are now looking to compete with Musk and drive down the cost of energy storage using EXISTING technology instead of waiting for some future where some magical storage system will burst on the scene.

    This is why China is beating the stuffing out of USA researchers. Instead of making exotic magical stuff, they make usable technology cheaper. So while Chinese solar arrays have to be larger than the more efficient USA arrays, they cost 50% less per kilowatt. The same goes for wind generators and it will be the same for energy storage systems (powerwalls).

    BUT . . .

    The real problem for the USA is terrible investments. The USA continues to waste money on carbon energy while sometimes investing in magical “perfect” energy systems that will MAYBE work someday, whereas China just uses existing technology on a LARGE scale to make the country better today.

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