Top 5 signs Donald Trump might be an effing moron

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Carol E. Lee at NBC reported Wednesday that last summer Rex Tillerson, the secretary of state, called Trump a “f*cking moron.” The remark came after a number of incidents in which Trump had contradicted Tillerson on policy, and directly after Trump made salacious remarks to a crowd of boy scouts. Tillerson at one point had led the Boy Scouts.

The justice of Tillerson’s remark is obvious. Here are some examples:

1. Trump joined with Saudi Arabia in beating up on little Qatar, calling the small Gulf monarchy “terrorists.” Qatar hosts the US Air Force base al-Udeid and helped capture Khaled Sheikh Muhammad, proving itself a key ally in fighting extremism. For Saudi Arabia to accuse Qatar of fostering extremism is a bit rich, but Trump joined in.

2. The Iran nuclear deal is one of the more successful such negotiations in modern history and a model for how the UN Security Council could curb nuclear proliferation. Trump is determined to undermine the deal, which would reinforce the suspicions and militancy of countries such as North Korea, making it even more difficult to handle.

3. Trump pulled out of the Paris climate accords on the grounds that they are too constricting and detract from US sovereignty. But the accords allow each nation to set its own priorities! Even Tillerson, who when it comes to climate change, is Satan incarnate, wanted to stay in Paris (I presume because it could be used as a fig leaf for inaction on carbon dioxide emissions).

4. Trump went to Puerto Rico on Tuesday and made the presidency a laughingstock. He maintained that Katrina had been a much more devastating storm than Irma and that because they weren’t actually dead the Puerto Ricans weren’t suffering as much. We don’t know the death toll in Puerto Rico because 95 percent of the island doesn’t have electricity and not all the dead have been found by institutions of the commonwealth. Moreover, catastrophic hurricanes are not a race where one state wins and another loses. Then Trump gave out supplies at a church, including flashlights, but he remarked to recipients that they didn’t need flashlights any more. They do. He made hurricane relief all about himself instead of about the victims. It was so bizarre a performance that “moron” doesn’t begin to cover it.

5. Trump gave away US foreign policy to Exxon Mobil, the big oil company, which had been led by Mr. Tillerson up until his move to the State Department. The US should be making a frantic and concerted effort to get off fossil fuels, not coddling Big Oil interests. Appointing Tillerson to run the State Department, and letting him gut it in favor of lucrative oil deals for his former corporation is just about the most moronic thing you could imagine.

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    • Voters chose the moron who most closely sounded like their own prejudices, but the clincher was that, unlike all the other Reagan-spawn Republican leaders who have used myths and codewords to imply that they have been persecuted by tens of millions of Americans who now deserve to be punished and degraded, this moron looked to be sadistic enough and reckless enough to actually risk our future carrying out the punishment. They wanted a destroyer, and they got one.

  1. The five signs you mention professor are only a further conformation that Trump is a moron. Trump was clearly a moron before he took office on the campaign trail. He was probably a moron even before that. You use the verb “effing” to describe Trump quite reasonably. I just call him an rsole which though less polite, probably describes the man even better!

  2. Trump just gave an American President’s face to the decline of the U.S. as a world leader. In the future, and maybe even now, Trump will represent the end of the American Empire, and there is nothing that this bluster trap of a man can do about it. Historians won’t have a hard time of picking up on Trump’s disappointing non accomplishments , because it will all be part of the public record. Trump whether he likes it or not, will wear the face of the emperor who brought it all to an end. Instead of ‘Making America Great Again’ he will be thought of as the president who, ‘Brought America to It’s Knees’, and we will all reminisce to how we were all told to stand.

  3. Such a thing is an outburst, a moment of unfiltered irritation. We are all subject to such moments and they can linger to haunt us. This is surely an occasion where a calming denial is infinitely preferable to an affirmation creating incalculable mayhem. After all, even Trump doesn’t exist simply to feed the media caviar.

  4. In all due seriousness Juan, it is perfectly reasonable to question whether the Orange Menace has ever read a single book. My suspicion is that he has a baseline of functional literacy (he can tweet and sign his name), but that once he hit high school he simply bullied his way through or had daddy make some calls to recalcitrant teachers intent on maintaining their academic integrity. Once in college I am guessing that all bets were off – paper mills for purchasing essays, cheating, and intimidating profs or administrators were likely the modus operandi of the OM and his family.

    Of course all of this is highly conjectural, but I also think quite reasonable, given a) the man’s character (or rather, lack thereof), b) what we know of his complete unscrupulousness and lack of any ethical (or for that matter, human) standards, c) his history of variously lying, cheating, or bullying his way through any number of situations, and most importantly, d) his deep ignorance about, well, anything, from health care to North Korea.

    He certainly has never written a book, just taken credit for ghost written tomes that are paeans to his BS. Likely, as is typical unfortunately for many Americans, he has not read a book since leaving high school (if he even did then).

    Note to the American public: It’s kind of irresponsible to, you know, elect the dithering, crazy, Fox News watching drunk at the end of the bar to the presidency of the United States – especially one who hasn’t read a single book in his entire adult life.

    Moronism, though, is one of the central pillars of the GOP and of conservative identity.

    • Oh, I believe he read that book of Hitler speeches that was sitting by his bed. I definitely believe that.

  5. 6. Donald J. Trump and his entire family have become Russian intelligence assets. Because Trump is a “businessman” – not a patriot.

  6. In view of the painfully obvious the fact that trump hasn’t been removed under the 25th amendment proves how utterly corrupt the Republican Party has become. They are an existential threat to the country if not the world.

  7. I truly wish that all of these posts could be condensed and bruited via the entire media linkage, like an old time highway billboard with big letters. Despite the oil industry stain, Tillerson is a vastly superior governmental asset in comparison with either Trump or Pence.

  8. Everyone seems to be echoing the same thought in their own way. But, here’s something else to chew on:

    Is it possible that The Donald reasonably reflects the engaged American polity, for better or worse? And, what drives his bluster is a reasonable reading of one part of the national mood?

    Sure, it’s not a black and white thing, and he lost in numeric terms, but if America looks in the mirror, it does look somewhat like Trump. So that’s the first thing to come to terms with.

    After recognizing that POTUS really only is the salesman in Chief, rather than the Daddy so many people are so desperately seeking, you get to a second point: how much of a difference can THIS guy really make?

    He has proven to be incompetent, but his judicial appointments stand to recast the courts profoundly. So, there is that. But, I read where there are (theoretically) strong checks on his ability to use nukes offensively. And the generals, and the bureaucracy in general, stand to hold things together, other than a strong rightward drift.

    So, I’m not sure he’s doing any worse than any other common Moe who just fell into a job for which he was unprepared, that will largely self-execute.

    Sure, the guy is dangerous, and heaven help the world if any real challenges emerge (which consistently do in every administration). But let’s get beyond this business of expecting the president to be some sorta Big-Daddy.

    • “Is it possible that The Donald reasonably reflects the engaged American polity, for better or worse?”

      Unfortunately, he does represent the enraged, idiotic and biased views of about 35-42% of the voting public. If we can fight back against vote suppression and unify behind reasonable candidates, we should be able to win elections.

      “But let’s get beyond this business of expecting the president to be some sorta Big-Daddy.”

      Unfortunately, that 35-42% that enthrones Trump for acting out their idiocy and biases, is also the constituency that most certainly does want ” the president to be some sorta Big-Daddy.”

  9. We have elected incompetent thievish idiots to the office before, and we will again. Let’s not believe our historical hype about our imperfect democracy. There are enough centers of power that even if the ship of state lists, we find a way to right it.

  10. A government of barracks and billionaires representing the military-corporate complex has no place for diplomacy, even if its chosen chief diplomat is a former boss of Exxon Mobil. In the face of his repeated humiliation by his boss, if Rex Tillerson had any self-respect he would resign, especially as he has very little to lose and little to gain.

  11. It’s a sign of just how bad a place we are in that people are looking to the likes of Tillerson and Corker and McCain for salvation. And I agree. Thank God they are at least partly standing up to Trump’s insanity and uncontrollable destructive impulses….

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