Trump’s Billionaire Cronies feed at Public Trough as he disses Puerto Rico

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) | – –

Trump’s petulant tweet storm on Saturday accused Puerto Ricans of wanting everything done for them.

He expressed these sentiments as his secretary of Health and Human Services, Tom Price, was forced to resign for flying around on expensive government airplanes or charters, costing tax payers over $1 million, even though many of these flights could have been replaced by inexpensive train rides or economy seats on civilian airliners.

So who is it again who has things done for him by the Federal government?

The whole point of the Trump cabinet is allow filthy rich groups and individuals to feed at the public trough.

Rick Perry wants artificially to use government to make consumers buy electricity generated by coal and nuclear plants. This is a way of deploying the state to benefit one narrow sliver of the wealthy, while harming everyone else.

Scott Pruitt has turned the Environmental Protection Agency upside down, using it to increase corporate profits by allowing the pollution of public spaces, including the sources of our drinking water.

In contrast, San Juan mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz has been out in the water with a bullhorn trying to find people still trapped by the flooding.

In trying to portray the 3.4 million Puerto Ricans, all of them US citizens, as welfare queens, Trump in typical fashion used a Reagan cliche so stupidly as to undermine Republican Party ideology. Reagan demeaned the working poor for resorting to the social safety net erected for that purpose. Trump attempted to use the same meme with regard to pure victims. The Puerto Ricans did not get hit by Maria because they don’t know how to save money or because they spend it frivolously. They cannot exploit the system. They are outside the system. They are drowning or dying of hunger and thirst, in part because the Trump administration watched Hurricane Maria head for Puerto Rico for five days and did not swing into action to prepare for the aftermath.


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  1. Trump’s comments regarding the people of P.R. is true Trump. In my opinion the man is a racist. The comment also plays to his base, who see themselves as victims of the elites but if you’re a person of colour you’re lazy.

    Florida and Texas got help asap. P.R. not so much. why? Florida and Texas have more billionaires and more whites.

    Trump would prefer if the P.R. people just up and disappeared. if they’re not working at his golf courses, they are of no use to him. Trump’s tweets once again confirm my opinion of him. He’s a racist.

  2. What’s the point of being an oligarch if you can’t use your office to feather your nest?

    What’s the point of having brown skin and speaking Spanish if you can’t fully appreciate how purely incidental your suffering is to said nest feathering?

  3. Wait’ll he hands Puerto Rico over to those billionaires to “fix”.

    But the Puerto Ricans still have the right to vote for statehood or independence. It’s hardly likely they will support the status quo after this treatment. Here’s the trap: Republicans have been indoctrinated to so hate Latinos as a Democratic threat that they can’t allow statehood, but their pride as the Master Race makes it hard for them to accept losing the territory to independence.

  4. The Puerto Rico leadership should consult with the Cuba leadership on what is the best way to relate with the USA leadership.

    • They might get a more productive response phoning Beijing. Rebuilding a small island with only 3.5 million people is not a big deal for modern China… as long as China has uses for the result, like a beachhead in the Caribbean.

  5. ¿Where is the call for indictment and impeachment?

    ¿Has protest become irrelevant?

    Keep writing against injustice and inhumanity.

  6. Trump is to be congratulated – from Nixon to Nero in nine short months!


    Actually Nero wasn’t as bad as either – he at least provided relief for the victims of Rome’s fire (the cause of which is a matter of debate among ancient historians) and took a leading role in reconstruction which benefited the populus Romanus.


    • I already referred Bush Junior as Caligula long before Katrina. What’s left to call Trump worse than that?

      • I appreciate your comment and comparison, but in truth, that is a disservice to Caligula and Nero. Modern tyrants – even elected ones – have a far greater capacity for destruction, suppression, and mayhem. Besides, Nero and Caligula in their own way were what were known as populares politicians – they appealed to the plebs and dissed the senate. Given how bad life was for the lower classes in the premodern period, in the interest of academic honesty and integrity (I’m a professional classicist), the comparisons are simply not apt. They make for good metaphor, but in literal truth, Trump and Bush are much worse in terms of the scale of suffering they have visited (and we can include the GOP congress, who yesterday and today, in the wake of the mayhem of Puerto Rico and Las Vegas, let CHIP expire, hence health insurance for 9 million children).

        So worse than Caligula, Nero, and Commodus all rolled into one. Comparisons do not obtain.

  7. Unlike the Trump administration which clearly cannot provide timely, organized relief to Puerto Rico, those nasty socialists in the AFL/CIO are actually going to solve a big part of a problem that fat golfers can’t seem to fathom.

    U.S. labor unions are now organizing truck drivers to help with relief efforts in Puerto Rico.

    link to

  8. Maybe someone here could confirm this, but I read where Trump due to a business venture gone sour in Puerto Rico still owes the Puerto Rican’s 32 million in back taxes. I haven’t been able to confirm this, so be careful with my information here, but has any of you heard of this? If this turns out to be true, then hypocrisy for Trump has hit a new all time low.

    Regardless Trump is a poor leader, and a huge disgrace to our government. Yeah, I know others before Trump were not much better, but sorry it’s now Trump’s turn to be in the barrel.

  9. Mayor Cruz is my new hero. Beside her leadership and dedicated service to the public, she also stands up to Trump’s bullying.
    She is bully-proof.
    She wades through sewage flooded streets, he tweets. He tweets between rounds of golf and watching Fox on TV.

    Finally, Trump looks like the pathetic loser he is, eating ice cream and playing golf, deaf to the disaster.

  10. This is precisely what the trump administration is all about – the establishment of a kleptocracy, not unlike that of his Russian benefactor.

    trump simply does not meet the minimum requirements for membership in the human race.

  11. The “elephant in the room” is that Puerto Rico is “NOT IN TRUMP’S BASE.” Your not Trump’s base he doesn’t care about you.

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