Abu Lahab

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ABU LAHAB ابو لهب
One of the sons of Abu Muttalib, and an uncle to Muhammad. He was a most bitter enemy to the Prophet, and opposed the establishment of Islam to the utmost of his power. His name was ‘Abdu ‘1- Uzza, but he was surnamed by Muhammad, Abu Lahab, “The Father of the Flame.” When Muhammad received the command to admonish his relations, he called them all together, and told them he was a warner sent unto them before a grievous chastisement. Abu Lahab rejected his mission, and cried out, “Mayest thou perish! Hast thou called its together for this?” and took up a stone to cast at him; whereupon the cxith Surah of the Qur’an was produced
“Let the hands of Abu Lahab perish, and let himself perish!
His wealth and his gains shall avail him naught.
Burned shall he be at a fiery flame,
And his wife laden with fire wood,
On her neck a rope of palm fibre.”
Abu Lahab is said to have died of grief and vexation at the defeat which his friends had received at the battle of Badr, surviving that misfortune only seven days. His body was left unburied for several days.
Zaid and Abu Lahab are the only relatives or friends of Muhammad mentioned by name in the Qur’an.

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam