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ADAB ادب
Discipline of the mind and manners; good education and good breeding; politeness; deportment; a mode of conduct or behaviour. A very long section of the Traditions is devoted to the sayings of Muhammad regarding rules of conduct, and is found in the Mishkatu ‘1-Masabih under the title Babu ‘l-Adab (book lxii. Matthew’s Mishkat It includes – (l) Salutations, (2) Asking permission to enter houses, (3) Shaking hands and embracing, (4) Rising up, (5) Sitting, sleeping and walking, (6) Sneezing and yawning, (7) Laughing, (8) Names, (9) Poetry and eloquence, (10) Backbiting and abuse, (11) Promises, (12) Joking, (13) Boasting and party spirit. The traditional sayings of these subjects will be found under their respective titles. ‘Ilmu ‘l-Adab is the science of Philology.

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam