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AFFLICTION. Arabic huzn حزن ghamm غم.
The benefits of affliction are frequently expressed in both the Qur’an and Traditions. For example : Surah ii., 150, “We will try you with something of fear, and hunger, and loss of wealth, and souls and fruit; but give good tidings to the patient who, when there falls on them a calamity, say, ‘Verily we are God’s and verily to Him we return’.” This formula is always used by Muhmmadans in any danger or sudden calamity, especially in the presence of death.
In the traditions (see Miskatu ‘l-Masabih), Muhammad is related to have said, “A Muslim is like unto standing green corn, which sometimes stands erect, but is sometimes cast down by the wind.” “No affliction befalls a servant of God but on account of the which he commits.”

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam

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