Posted on 03/11/2012 by __socrates

AGENT. Arabic wakil وكيل.
One legally appointed to act for another. For the Muslim law regarding the appointment of agents to transact business, or to negotiate marriages, see Hamilton’s Hidiyah, vol. iii. p. 1; Baillie’s Digest Hanifi Code, p. 75: Imamiyah Code, p. 29. The author of the Hidayah says, “It is lawful for a person to appoint another his agent for the settlement, in his behalf, of every contract which he might lawfully have concluded himself, such as sale, marriage, and so forth ; and he then proceeds to lay down rates for guidance in such matters at great length. A woman who remains in privacy and is not accustomed to go into Court, ought, according to the saying of Abu Bakr, to appoint an agent and not appear herself. A slave or a minor may be appointed agent for a free man.

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam