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AL-‘AQABAH A sheltered glen hear Mini, celebrated as the scene of the two pledges, the first and second pledge of al-‘Aqabah. The first pledge was made by ten men of the tribe of Khazraj and ten of Aus when they plighted their faith to Muhammad thus: — “We will not worship, any but one God; we will hot steal; nor commit adultery; nor kill our children; nor will we slander our neighbors; and we will obey the Prophet of God.” The date assigned to this pledge by Sir W. Muir is April 21, A.D. 621. The second pledge was a few months afterwards when seventy three men and two women came forward, one by one, and took an oath of fealty to the Prophet. Muhammad named twelve of the chief of these men, and said : ” Moses chose from amongst his people twelve 1eaders. Ye shall be sureties for the rest, even as were the Apostles of Jesus; and I am surety for my people. And the people answered, Amin, So be it.” (Muir’s Life of Mahomet, vol. ii., pp.216, 232.)

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam