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Al-Hudaibiyah, a well on an open space on the verge of the Haram or sacred territory, which encircles Makkah. Celebrated as the scene of a truce between Muhammad and the Quraish known as the truce of al-Hudaibayih, when the Prophet agreed not to enter Makkah that year, but to defer his visit until the next, when they should not enter it with any weapons save those of the traveler, namely, to each a sheathed sword. (Muir, from Katibu ‘l-Waqidi.)
The treaty is referred to in the Qur’an as “a victory,” in the XLVIIth Surah, 1st verse: “We have given thee an obvious victory.” A chapter which is said to have been revealed on this occasion and to have foretold the final taking of Makkah, which happened two years afterwards. (See al-Baizawi, in loco)

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam

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