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AL-JALALAN الجلالان
“The two Jalals.” A term given to two commentators of the name of Jalalu ‘d-din, whose joint work is called the Tafsiru ‘l-Jalalain; the first half of which was compiled by the Shaikh Jalalu’d-din al-Mahalli, died A.H. 864, and the rest by Jalalu ‘d-din as-Suyuti, died A.H. 911.
Jalalu ‘d-din as Suyuti was a prolific author. Grammar, rhetoric, dogmatical and practical theology, history, criticism, medicine, and anatomy, comprise some of the subjects on which he wrote. His Itqan, which is an explanatory work on the Qur’an, has been published by the Asiatic Society of Bengal, and edited by Dr. Sprenger (A.D. 1857), and his History of the Temple of Jerusalem has been translated by the Rev. James Reynolds for the Oriental Translation Society (A.D. 1836). [JERUSALEM.]

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam

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