Al-Masihu’d Dajjal

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AL-MASIHU ‘D DAJJAL المسيح الدجال
“The lying Christ.” The Antichrist which Muhammad said would appear before the Day of Resurrection. He is generally called ad-Dajjal, but in the Traditions he is called al-Masilu ‘d-Dajjal, and very many have been the speculations as to why he is called al-Masih. The compiler of the Qamus says there have been at least fifty reasons assigned for his being called al-Masih. Some say it is because he will have his eyes touched (masah) and be rendered blind; others, that the word was originallymasikh a ‘monster.” (See Hujaju ‘l-Kalimah, p. 401) Sale, in the preface of his translation of the Qur’an. says Muslim writers state that the Jews will give him the name of al-Masih, because they will mistake him for the tree Messiah, who has come to restore the kingdom of Israel to these.
Regarding this personage Abu Hurarah relates that Muhammad said:-
“‘The Resurrection will not be until the Grecians shall attack ‘Amiq and Dabiq. Then an army will come out from al-Madinah against them, the best of man on that day and when the lines of battle shall be drawn up, the Grecians will say, ‘Vacate a place between us and those who made captives a tribe of ours’ (and their design will be to separate the Musalmans). And the Musalmans will say, By God! we will not clear a place between you and our brother Musalmans.’ And the Musalmans will fight the Grecians and a third of the Musalmans will be defeated and God will not acept their repentance And a third of the Musalmans will be slain, and they will be the best of martyrs before God. And a third of them will conquer the countries of Greece; after which they will be thrown into commotions, and Constantinople will be taken. And whilst the Musalmans shall be dividing the plunder. having hung up their swords upon the olive tree, all of a sudden the Devil will call out, “Verily, Dajjal has attacked your wives and children in your absence.’ Then, on hearing this, the Musalmans will come out of the city; and this information of devils will be false, but when they enter Syria, Dajjal will come out, and whilst the Musalmans shall be preparing their implements of war, and dressing their ranks, all of a sudden prayers will begin, and Jesus Son of Mary will come down, and act as Imam to them. And when Dajjal this enemy of God, shall see Jesus, he will fear to be near, dissolving away like salt in water. And if Jesus lets him alone, verily he will melt and perish, and God will kill him by the hand of Jesus, who will show to the people the blood of Dajjal upon his lance” (Mishkat, book xxiii. ch. ii.)
In other traditions. Muhammad is related to have said that ad-Dajjal will be a young man with long hair and blind in the one eye, and on his forehead will be the three letters K F R, signifying kafir or infidel. He will first appear midway between Syria and ‘Iraq, and will do many wonders and perform many miracles, and will eventually be slain by Jesus.

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam

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