Posted on 03/13/2012 by __socrates

‘ALAM عالم
The universe; world; condition, state of being.
‘Alamu ‘l-arwh The world of spirits
‘Alamu ‘l-khalq The world; this life
‘Alamu ‘I-baqi The future state
‘Alamu ‘I-a’zamah The highest heaven
‘Alamu ‘sh-shahadah The visible world
‘Alamu ‘l-ghaib The invisible world
‘Alamu ‘l-ma’ qul The rationale world
The four mystic stages of the Sufis are ‘Alamu ‘n-nasut The present world
‘Alamu ‘l-malakut The state of angels
‘Alamu ‘l jabarut The state of power
‘Alamu ‘l-lahut The state of absorption into the Divinity

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam