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ARABIC LEXICONS. The first Arabic lexicon is that which is generally ascribed to al-Khalil, and entitled Kitibu’l ‘Ain. The following are the most celebrated Arabic dictionaries composed after the ‘Am.
The Jamharah, by Ibn Duraid, died A.H. 321.
The Tahzib, by al-Azhari died A.H. 370.
The Muhit, by the Sahib Ibn ‘Abbad, died A.H. 885.
The Mujunal, by Ibn Faris died A.H. 306.
The Sihah, by al-Jauhari, died A.H. 398.
The Jami’, by al-Qa’zzaz, died A.H. 412.
The Mu’ab, by Abu Ghalib, died A.H. 436.
The Muhkam, by Ibn Sidah, died A.H. 458.
The Asas, by ar-Zamakhshari, died A.H. 538.
The Mughrib, by al-Mutarrizi, died A.H. 610.
The ‘Uhab, by as-Sighani, died A.H., 660.
The Lisanu’l-‘Arab, by, Ibn Mukarram, died A.H. 711.
The Tahzibu ‘t-Tahzib, by Mahmud at-Tanakhi, died A.H. 723.
The Misbah, by Ahmad Ibn Muhammad al-Faiyumi, compiled A.H. 734.
The Mughni ‘-Labib, by Ibn Hishim, died A.H. 761.
The Qarmus, by al-Faizuzabadi, died A.H. 816.
The Sahah (says Mr. Lane in his Preface to his Dictionary), is among the books of lexicology like the Sahih of Bukhari amongst the books of traditions; for the point on which turns the title to reliance is not the copiousness of the collection, but the condition of genuineness and correctness.
Two well-known dictionaries, compiled in modern times in Hindustan, are the Ghiyasu ‘1- Lughat, by Maulawi Ghiyasu ‘d-din of Rampur, and the Muntaha ‘l-‘Arab, by ‘Abdu ‘r- Rahim ibn ‘Abdu ‘1-Karim of Safipur. These are both Arabic and Persian lexicons.
The Arabic-Latin dictionary of Jacob Golius, was printed at Leyden, A.D. 1658; that of Freytag at Halle, A.D. 1830-35.
The Arabic-English and English-Arabic dictionaries extant are —
Richardson’s Persian-Arabic-English, A.D. 1777.
Richardson’s English-Persian-Arabic, A.D. 1810.
Francis Jehnson’s Persian-Arabic-English, A.D. 1852.
Catafago’s Arabic-English and English-Arabic, new edition, 1873.
Lane’s Arabic-English, A.D. 1863 to 1885 imperfect.
Dr. Badger’s English-Arabic, A.D. 1881.
Dr. Steingass’s English-Arabic, A.D. 1882.

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam

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