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BADR, The battle of. Arabic, Ghazwatu ‘I-Badr The first battle of Badr was fought in the month of Ramazan, A.H. 2 (Mar. A.D. 624), between Muhammad and the Quraish. Many of the principal men of the Quraish were slain including Abu Jahl, whose, head was brought to the Prophet, and when it was cast to his feet, he exclaimed, “It is more acceptable to me than the choicest camel of Arabia.” After the battle was over, some of the prisoners were cruelly murdered. Husain says that the losses of the Quraish at Badr were seventy killed and seventy prisoners. The victory at Badr consolidated the power of Muhammad and it is regarded by Muslim historians as one of the most important events in history. An account of this celebrated battle will be found in the article on Muhammad.
The second battle of Badr was a bloodless victory, and took place in the month of Zu ‘l Qaidah, A.H. 4 (April A.D. 626).

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam