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BANUN بنون

The plural of ibn (Heb. ) “Sons; posterity tribe.” The word is more familiar to English readers in its inflected form Bani. The tribes whose names occur frequently in the early history of Islam and are mentioned in the Traditions, are the Banu-Quaish, Banu ‘n-Najjar, Bani- Quraizah, Banu Kindnah, Banu ‘n-Nazr, Banu-Khazaah, Banu-Bakr’

Banu-‘Amir, Banu-Asad, Banu-Fazarah, Banu-Libyan, Banu-Tamin, Banu-Umaiyah, Banu-Zahrah, and Banu-Isr il.

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam

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