Burning the Dead

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BURNING THE DEAD. There is no express injunction, in either the Qura’n or the Traditions, regarding the burning of dead bodies, although the burning of the living is strictly forbidden. For Muhammad said, “Punish not with God’s punishment (which is fire), for it is not fit for anyone to punish with fire but God.” (Mishkat xiv c.v. part 1)
The teaching of the Traditions is that a dead body is as fully conscious of pain as a living body for Ayishah said, that the Prophet said, “The breaking of the bones of a corpse is the same as doing it in life. (Mishkat, v. c.v. part 2)
It is therefore, pretty clearly established that cremation of the dead is strictly forbidden by the Muhammadan religion. There is, however, nothing to confirm the impression that the burning of a corpse in any waY prevents its soul entering paradise.’

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam

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