Dabbatu’l Arz

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DABBATU ‘L-ARZ دابة الأرض
Lit. “The Reptile of the Earth.” A monster who shall arise in the last day, and shall cry unto the people of the earth that mankind have not believed in the revelations of God (vide Qur’an, Surah xxvii. 84): “And when sentence falls upon them we will bring forth a beast out of the earth, that shall speak to them and say, ‘Men of our signs would not be sure.'” According to the Traditions he will be the third sign of the coming resurrection, and will come forth from the mountain of Sufah. (Mishkat, xxiii. c. iv.) Both Sale and Rodwell have confounded the Dabbatu ‘l-Arz with the Al-Jassasah, the spy, mentioned in a tradition by Fatimah (Mishkat, xxiii. c. iv.), and which is held to be a demon now in existence. [AL-JASSASAH.] For a description of the Dabbah, see the article on the RESURRECTION.

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam

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