Du’a’u’l Qunut

Posted on 03/25/2012 by __socrates

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DU’A’U ‘L-QUNUT دعاء القنوت, called also the Qunutu ‘l-Witr, “The prayer said standing.: A form of prayer recited after the qara’ah in the night prayer. Recited by some sects in the early morning. It is found in the Traditions. It is al follows: –
“O God, we seek help from Thee, and forgiveness of sins.
“We believe in Thee and trust in Thee.
“We praise Thee. We thank Thee. We are not unthankful.
“We expel, and we depart from him who does not obey Thee.
“We serve Thee only, and to Thee do we pray.
“We seek Thee, we prostrate ourselves and we serve Thee.
“We hope for Thy mercy. We fear Thy punishments.
“Surely Thy judgements are upon the infidels.”

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam