Posted on 03/25/2012 by __socrates

DYING, The. Very special instructions are given in Muslim books as to the treatment of the dying. In the Durru ‘l-Muktar (p. 88) the friends of the dying are recommended, if possible, to turn the head of the dying towards Makkah, but if this be not convenient, his feet should be place in that direction and his head slightly raised. The Kalimatu ‘sh-Shahadah should then be recited and the Surah Ya-Sin (xxxvi) and Suratu ‘r-Rad (xiii) should be read from the Qur’an. When the spirit has departed from the body, the mouth should be tied up and the eyes closed and the arms straightened, and the body should be perfumed, and no unclean person should be suffered to approach the corpse. Immediate steps should then be taken for the washing of the corpse. [DEATH]

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam