Posted on 03/31/2012 by __socrates

FATHER. In the Sunni law of inheritance, a father is a sharer in the property of his son or son’s son, taking one-sixth, but if his son die unmarried, and without issue, the father is the residuary and takes the whole.
According to the law of qisas or retaliation, if a father take the life of his son, he is not to be slain, for the Prophet has said, “Retaliation must not be executed upon the parent for his offspring”; and Abu Hanifah adds, “because as the parent is the efficient cause of his child’s existence, it is not proper that the child should require or be the occasion of his father’s death”; whence it is that a son is forbidden to shoot his father, when in the army of the enemy, or to throw a stone at him, if suffering lapidation for adultery.
In the law evidence, the testimony of a father for or against his child is not admitted in a court of law.

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam