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A daughter of Muhammad, by his first wife Khadijah. She married ‘Ali the cousin of Muhammad, by she had three sons, al-Hasan, al-Husain, and al-Muhsin; the latter died in infancy. From the two former are descended the posterity of the Prophet known as Saiyids. Fatimah died six months after her father. She is spoken of by the Prophet as one of the four perfect women, and is called al-Batul, or “the Virgin”, by which is meant one who had renounced the World, also Fatimatu ‘z-zubra, or “the beautiful Fatima.”
There are three women of the name of Fatimah mentioned in the Traditions: (1) Fatimah, the daughter of Muhammad; (2) The mother of ‘Ali; (3) The daughter of Hamzah, the uncle of Muhammad.

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam