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FATWA فتوى
A religious or judicial sentence pronounced by the Khalifah or by a Mufti, or Qazi. It is generally written. The following is a fatwa delivered by the present Mufti of the Hanafi sect at Makkah in reply to the question as to whether India is a Daru ‘l-Islam. Fatwas are generally written in a similar form to this, but in Arabic:-
“All praises are due to the Almighty, who is Lord of all the creation!
O Almighty, increase my knowledge!
As long as even some of the peculiar observances of Islam prevail in it, it is the Daru ‘l-Islam.
The Almighty is Omniscient, Pure and High!
This is the Fatwa passed by one who hopes for the secret favor of the Almighty, who praises God, and prays for blessings and peace on his Prophet.
(Signed) JAMAL IBN ‘ABDU ‘L-LAH SHAIKH UMARU ‘L-HANAFI, the present Mufti of Makkah (the Honoured)
May God favor him and his father.”

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam