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FRIDAY Arabic Jum’ah جمعة
“The Day of Assembly.” The Muslim Sabbath, on which they assemble in the Jami Masjid, or chief mosque, and recite two rik’ahs or prayers and listen to the oration, or khutbah at the time of mid-day prayer. Muhammad claims in the Traditions to have established Friday as the day of worship by divine command. He says, “Friday was ordered as a divine day of worship both for the Jew and Christian, but they have acted contrary to the command. The Jew fixed Saturday and the Christian fixed Sunday.”
According to the same traditions, Friday is “the best day on which the sun rises, the day on which Adam was taken into Paradise and turned out of it, the day on which he repented and on which he died. It will also be the Day of Resurrection.”
There is also a certain hour on Friday (known only to God) on which a Muslim obtains all the good he asks of the Almighty. Muhammad prayed that God may put a seal on the heart of every Muslim who through negligence omits prayer for three successive Fridays. Muhammad said:-
“Whoever bathes on Friday and comes to prayers in the beginning and comes on foot and sets near the Imam and listens to the khutbah, and says nothing playful, but sits silent, every step he took will get the rewards of a whole years worshiping and rewards of one year’s fast and one year’s praying at night,”
There are three descriptions of people present on Friday, one of them who comes to the masjid talking triflingly, and this is what he gets instead of rewards; and there is a man who is present for making supplications, and he asks God and if He wills He gives him, if not, refuses; the third a man who attends to hear the khutbah and is silent and does not incommode anyone and this Friday covers his sins till the next, and three days longer; for God says, Whoever doth one good act will receive ten in return. (Mishkat, book iv c xliii) [KHUTBAH.]

Based on Hughes, Dictionary of Islam